3 Ways to Select A Great Temp Agency

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temp serviceStatistics show that retaining employees is becoming a growing concern, with 57% of companies citing this as an issue. An estimated 22% of newly hired individuals leave their position within their first 45 days. In addition, 46% of human resources authorities report that their primary concern is retaining employees, and 36% state that keeping their employees engaged is a challenge. The costs of these turnovers are between 30% to 150% of the worker’s wages, a loss of $11 billion each year.

The use of temp services, headhunters, or other staffing companies may provide a beneficial solution for both workers and companies. Studies indicate that new hires undergoing a well-organized onboarding program are 58% more apt to remain with the company after three years. United States staffing agencies have over 3 million temporary and contract employees working for them in an average week.

When selecting the right staffing solutions for your business, these are some factors to be considered.

1. Does the Staffing Company Do Background Checks?

According to CFirst, there are good reasons to be sure that they do. To begin with, background checks help you provide a more secure work atmosphere and also shield you from potential legal issues when hiring a new employee. If the job in question involves access to confidential information, you want to be sure that the temp worker has been through a background check. Hiring individuals who have been screened properly also ensures that they have the necessary skills to continue as full-time employees if this becomes an option.

2. Does the Staffing Service Check Social Media Profiles?

93% of recruiters do view their candidate’s social media, so it’s important to have an online presence. CareerBuilder finds that 57% of employers will more likely pass over job seekers who steer clear of social entirely. Although this type of investigation can turn up information that creates a negative impression, it also has
benefits. CareerBuilder reports that in over 44% of cases, social media content was found that led to the employer hiring the applicant, such as professional credentials and excellent communication abilities.

3. Does the Temp Service Have In-Depth Understanding of Your Industry?

Monster believes that hiring recruiting agencies who aren’t knowledgeable about the needs of your business may send you candidates who don’t have the necessary background to suit your company.

With this advice in mind, you’ll find the right job placement agency for your team’s needs, and gain a great temporary employee in the process.