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Whether you need help finding a job or hiring the best employees, Burnett’s Staffing can help! We’re a staffing agency in Denton, TX, that has worked in the industry since 1966. Burnett’s works closely with companies and job candidates to find the perfect fit for both parties. We can help you whether you want to find your next career or plan to outsource your business’s hiring duties.

Employment Services

Sifting through online job postings and researching companies is a time-consuming process. And in today’s world, you also have to research each open role because some people create phishing schemes disguised as job postings. After hours of searching, researching, and applying to roles that seem ideal, you may even come up empty-handed. Burnett’s helps job candidates prevent this frustration by offering employment services.

When you work with us to search for jobs within our field of expertise, one of our professionals will provide career coaching and help you find the perfect position. Burnett’s also offers resources so candidates can search for jobs. Click here to view employment and filter by employment role, location, and job type.

To find your next job, click our “Search Jobs” tab under “Job Seekers” from here, you can narrow the criteria, so positions will remain tailored to you.

Staffing Services

Our employment agency in Denton, TX, also offers services to companies to help them ease the hiring process. As recruiters, we’ll search for a candidate, review resumes, and conduct interviews. At the end of the process, we’ll show you the top contenders so you can decide whether they’re the right fit.

When you work with our staffing agency, we’ll interview you before searching for any employees. This lets you tell us about your company, the culture, and how you define the ideal candidate. During our interview with you, we’ll also inquire about open roles and requirements surrounding each position. We use this information to seek out the best candidate to fill every position you need us to.

Industries We Specialize In

The best staffing agencies in Denton, TX, specialize in staffing a wide range of job types. At Burnett’s, we focus on the following industries:

  • Call Center Staffing
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Office Clerical

If you want to work in any of these fields or need to fill a position at your company, Burnett’s can help. We closely collaborate with candidates and companies to ensure that both feel the job is a great fit and that everyone involved feels thrilled by the prospect of the decision.

Contact Us

Burnett’s Staffing can assist you if you reside in Denton, TX, or if your company is based here. If you have any questions about our temp agency, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Call (469) 591-1109 or email Denton@burnetts.com. Make an appointment with us today to ease your job or employee search.