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At Burnett’s Staffing, we specialize in staffing for the office, offering a range of hiring and staffing services in Dallas. Our team of recruiters are ready to introduce you to top available Administrative, Accounting, and Customer Service professionals seeking their next career.

Our temp staffing services, including temp staffing services, will help you find your next career and offer hands-on assistance along the way. An expert at Burnett’s can provide professional coaching and assistance as you navigate the professional world. We’ll help you find a position that’s direct hire, temp-to-hire, or temporary, based on your preferences and position availability.

Direct Hire

For those who prefer the security of direct hire, we have you covered. Contract work isn’t for everyone, and if you see a job opening that seems like the perfect opportunity, you’ll want to jump on it. A direct hire is the job offer many of us typically think of; it’s a guaranteed job at the company instead of contract work.


If you’re interested in trying out a new field without the long-term commitment, our temp-to-hire option may be right for you. This allows you to test out a role and decide if it’s a good fit before committing to permanent employment at the company. And if you’re seeking temporary staffing services for short-term projects, we can help connect you with qualified candidates.


As a temporary employee, you’ll only work for the company for a set amount of time. Temporary staffing services are ideal for employers who need extra staff for special projects. Temporary positions are also great for job seekers who want to dip their toes in various work areas to decide what they like most.


We also offer payrolling services for employers who want to hire an employee without the assistance of our hiring experts. This service allows you to get assistance from the employee without needing to handle the administrative tasks associated with hiring.

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If you’re seeking hiring and staffing services in Dallas, Burnett’s Staffing is here to help job seekers and employers alike. Contact us today at (817) 640-5255 or email hire@burnetts.com for answers to any questions you may have.

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