Staffing Company in Allen, TX

Are you looking for an employment or staffing agency in Allen, TX? Burnett’s is a staffing company that’s led the industry for over 50 years! We help job seekers find their next careers and aid companies in hiring the best team members. Learn more about our employment and staffing services to ensure you get the necessary assistance.

Employment Services

Contact our temp agency for help finding a job. Searching through the many open positions posted online is time-consuming. After hours of searching and putting your resume out there, you may only get radio silence in return. But that isn’t the case when you work with Burnett’s. We have various job postings available for you to review. One of our workers can also search through and pick the best positions based on your education and experience.

We all want to find a job we can turn into a career. Burnett’s will help you achieve this. You can take on a temp-to-hire position to test out a new role before accepting a position at the company. Once your contract ends, you get to decide whether it’s the best fit.

To find your next job, click our “Search Jobs” tab under “Job Seekers” from here, you can narrow the criteria, so positions will remain tailored to you.

Staffing Services

Interviews are a long process for job seekers and employers. If you’re a company manager, you have a packed schedule; reading through resumes and conducting interviews takes up more precious time. When you work with our staffing company, you can skip this step.

We prefer to form a relationship with every company we partner with. This gives us the best understanding of your values, mission, and goals. Then, we take all that information to seek out and interview the top candidates for your workplace.

Industries We Specialize In

Finding the right position and help is vital to a great work environment. Because of this, we specialize in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Call Center Staffing
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Office Clerical

If you or your company fall into one of these categories, we’ll happily accept you as one of our clients. With experts at Burnett’s doing the heavy lifting, you can focus on ensuring your professional persona thrives.

Contact Us

Looking to set up your first appointment with a staffing company serving the Allen, TX area? Contact Burnett’s Staffing by calling (817) 953-0035 or emailing allen@burnetts.com.