4 Tips For Seasonal Employment Seekers

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benefits of a temp job

benefits of a temp job

The holiday season is coming fast, which means now is the best time to start applying for temporary jobs. Many businesses hire seasonal staffing for the holiday season to keep up with the holiday rush. In fact, during 2016, up to 570,000 extra employees were hired during the holiday season by U.S. retailers.

There are benefits of a temp job, especially during the holidays. But you still need to put yourself out there to get noticed by employers.

Here are four tips you can use on your seasonal search for temp jobs to help you get noticed and hired.

    1. Apply to chains that are thriving. When a company is struggling, it can be difficult to secure employment with them because they’re already stretched thin as it is. It’s good to apply to retail chains that are thriving because discount retailers that have been doing well will most likely continue to thrive. And when it comes to the benefits of a temp job, you want to be sure you can use those benefits.
    2. Do your research and apply to positions online. Retail stores often need the most help during the holiday season. Do your research ahead of time by looking up major retailers in your area to see if they’re hiring part-time or seasonal staff. You’ll most likely find positions like customer service counters, distribution center staff, and store associates. Apply for these positions online when you can.
    3. Apply to jobs in person, too. Although it’s great to apply for jobs online, it can also help to apply for the job in person. This is because it’s easier to make a good impression on hiring managers when you meet them in person rather than on paper. You can set yourself apart from other candidates and make it harder for the hiring manager to forget you.
    4. Use a staffing agency. It can be challenging to look for seasonal jobs that are outside of the retail industry and outside the local mall. But the good news is that staffing agencies can help you find temporary jobs that meet your needs and also meet the needs of the companies looking for extra employees.

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