4 Ways To Pare Down a Job Candidate List

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4 Ways To Pare Down a Job Candidate List

4 Ways To Pare Down a Job Candidate List

Filling roles at your company takes time, as you have to review countless applications submitted by job seekers. Sifting through numerous resumes, cover letters, and portfolios as you work to narrow down the perfect option can be overwhelming. We’ve detailed four ways to pare down a job candidate list to make searching for the ideal employee easier.

Require Pre-Employment Tests

Pre-employment tests are a valuable tool you can use during the application process to shorten your list of options. These tests range from psychometric assessments to skill-based examinations and provide objective data about a candidate’s abilities.

By incorporating pre-employment tests into your hiring process, you gain insights into a candidate’s competency, work style, and potential fit within your organization. Use this information to determine which applicants seem to have the essential skills for the position.

Analyze Each Candidate’s Expertise

Compare the skills and experience that candidates list on their resume to what you require for the role. If a person doesn’t have the necessary skills and/or experience, remove them from your list of options.

Likewise, once interviews begin, note how each candidate answers specific questions, such as those that detail their experience in the field. Use this information to create a shorter list of top contenders who will move on to the second round of interviews.

Pro Tip

If a pre-employment test is part of your application process, compare the outcomes to each candidate’s stated skills and experience. The results of their test should align with the expertise they claim to have.

Evaluate Personality

Evaluating an applicant’s professional abilities is a crucial way to pare down a job candidate list, but assessing their personality holds equal importance. During interviews, evaluate how applicants conduct themselves. More specifically, analyze how they respond to difficult questions, how they interact with others, and if their values align with your company’s culture.

Why It Matters

A harmonious workplace is a productive one. You’ll maintain a healthy work culture by finding a candidate who fits well with the existing team and work environment.

Work With a Staffing Agency

Narrowing down the ideal candidate can feel like a daunting task that requires you to redirect attention you may not have time for. This is where staffing agencies come in. By partnering with a reputable agency, you can leave all heavy lifting to them.

The recruiters will take the needed time to conduct initial screenings and background checks on potential candidates. As they scout out the best employees for your company, you can remain focused on other business tasks.

Burnett’s Staffing Can Help

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