5 Key Factors to Consider When Staffing Your Company

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staffing your company

staffing your companyStaffing your company is not a trivial task. Your employees will be handling your customers and suppliers and involved in the production process. The wrong team could break or build your company.

Hiring employees is not similar to picking software. You need to strike the perfect balance between academic qualifications, experience, and soft skills.

Here are five factors you should keep in mind when staffing. They will help you staff your business with the right people who can meet your short-term and long-term goals.

1) Create a Staffing Plan

If you are staffing a new business, you need to create a staffing plan. It will guide you around the recruitment process. Staffing your company using a plan ensures that you do not hire fewer people than you need or end up with too many workers. Either case can lead to financial losses, conflict among employees, and reduced productivity.

The plan should show the roles within the organizations and the exact number of people needed to handle these tasks. It will indicate the minimum qualifications required for each position. Consider the short-term and long –term goals. Hire people who will lead the organization towards their realization. Employ people who are capable of handling the business’s future projects

2) Hiring Technique

You need to decide on the strategy you will use to find qualified hires. Which staffing solutions will you use to recruit, hire, and train your staff? Will you use job fairs or post jobs online?

Your best bet in staffing your company is using job placement agencies. They can help you staff your company with top talent while screening fake CVs. They will come up with the best strategy for interviewing and pick the most qualified workers based on your minimum requirements.

Get a company that practices honesty, professionalism, and integrity.

3) Projected Growth

If you are re-staffing an existing company, you need to assess the company’s growth. It will be based on past trends and plans for expansion. You do not want to invest time and money recruiting staff only to repeat the same process in less than a year.

Based on the projected growth and past trends of the company, do you need to add staff or replace the current workers with growth-oriented employees? While you are at it, hire interns and entry-level employees who will take a beginner’s salary to perform basic tasks.

4) Carry out a Human Resource Inventory Check

If you thought only a stock check is necessary for business, you are mistaken. You need to make an inventory check of your staff’s skills before staffing your company. It will keep you from hiring people with the skills you already have in your company. You also need to check the number of staff members who are close to retirement age.

Talk to your staff members about the skills and abilities they possess. Observe their previous performance reviews. Based on your findings, you could help these employees improve on their skills and carry out in-house hiring for your projects, or hire new staff.

For your staff who are about to retire, use interns. Train them to take over the retirees, and it will eliminate the need for future hiring and training.

5) Review Your Workplace Culture

Fifty-seven percent of organizations report experiencing a problem with employee retention. As much as you are trying to create the perfect workforce to meet your long-term and short term objectives, you need to create the right environment to reduce staff turnover and retain top talent.

Before staffing your company, ensure that you have an environment that people want to be and work. Visit workshops and seminars prepared by staffing agencies. Get ideas on how to create the best workplace culture. Get advice from other company leaders on the best ways to make your employees love working with your organization.

In a nutshell, staffing your company requires proper planning based on projected growth. You need to be clear on the positions that need filling and the qualifications of the candidates. See if you can fill these positions internally.

Have a hiring technique in place. Create a proper workplace culture, and you are sure of retaining your staff. And if you need staffing help, a recruiting agency such as Burnett’s Staffing can come in handy.