5 Questions to Ask Your Prosepective Temporary Employer

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Not every job is fulfilling — that’s an important lesson a lot of people learn right away. For those who have found a job that’s worth every moment then kudos to them. The vast majority of the workforce would probably change careers in a heartbeat. Those who are already out there looking for their next gig often rely on a temp agency to help get them in the door. If you’re planning on taking a temporary position, here are some things to ask your short-term boss:

    1. Is it a short-term position? This may sound redundant since you’re already at a temp agency but it’s important to know how long you’ll be at this job. Some temp assignments are actually temp to permanent positions, meaning that once the duration of the temporary assignment is over you may be offered a more permanent spot. If it isn’t temp to perm, you’ll want to know how long they expect to need you on board so you aren’t caught off guard later on. That way you’ll have plenty of time to prepare and begin looking elsewhere.


    1. What exactly will I be doing? Ask your potential employer what kind of tasks this job will require you to perform. This is important because if you’re using a temp agency they might be given a list of responsibilities that don’t accurately represent the duties involved. This isn’t necessarily reflective of the staffing company and could be a miscommunication on the employer’s end. It would be a good idea to make sure things line up on both ends.


    1. Can I succeed at this position? An odd question to ask but when you think about it, you never want to be in a position that set you up to fail from the start. Resume building is a wonderful benefit to temping but if your employer can’t provide a quality reference then it may be a moot point. Ask your employer what you can do to succeed in this position right away; you’ll show initiative and if you prove to be a contributing member of the team it may not be a temporary position for long.


    1. What will I need? This is an important question because your employer may expect you to provide certain equipment or attire needed for the position. You’ll want to know this ahead of time so you’re prepared. It could also be what determines whether or not you accept the position.


  1. Will there be training? In many temp assignments training is forfeited due to the time constraints on the position. Many employers will expect you to have current and applicable knowledge required to complete the tasks associated with the job. New employees who go through an on-boarding program are 58% more likely to stay with a company for more than three years. If they do provide training, find out if it will be paid training and how long it might take.

Temporary jobs can be blessings in disguise if you know how to look at them. Be sure you ask the right questions to ensure you’re as well prepared as possible. The more you succeed here means the more you’ll succeed later on.