Current and Future Trends in Working Remotely

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Current and Future Trends in Working Remotely

Current and Future Trends in Working Remotely

Remote work has found its place in most companies’ business models because it benefits everyone involved. Employers cut overhead costs such as rent and utilities. Likewise, workers don’t waste money commuting to work, and finding a work-life balance is easier. If your company offers remote work or plans to, keep reading to learn about the current and future trends in remote work.

Offering Hybrid Work Options

While many individuals rave about working from home, it isn’t everyone’s ideal. Usually, remote work increases productivity levels for most workers, but “most” isn’t everyone. Some of us thrive in the company of other people. Similarly, fostering a company culture of togetherness is harder when you only connect through a webcam.

Hybrid work answers this problem. Having workers come into the office once or twice a week gets everyone together. This also appeals to individuals who enjoy working alongside their peers. Plus, everyone likes having a chance to talk with coworkers in person.

Paying Attention To Mental Health

We all need connection, and while personality and introversion vs. extroversion play into this, going into the office can fulfill one’s social needs. In response to this, top companies opened the conversation on mental health. Managers should ask employees how they feel and whether they’re lonely. Aim to do this in a one-on-one for their privacy and yours.

Learning how to cope with loneliness and stress helps workers continue to prosper. By bringing attention to mental health, managers also remind workers they care about their team.

Understanding Cybersecurity

If your entire company works remotely, cybersecurity becomes even more vital to your company than it would otherwise be. Why? Because you rely on the digital world to remain connected and complete tasks. Phishing schemes are all too common and sometimes easy to fall for. Educate workers on the signs of a phishing email and what they should do if they receive one. They should never click the links in the message as this could lead to hacking or a virus.

Cultivating Diversity

It’s much easier to broaden your search for job candidates with remote work. Be aware that if you offer hybrid options, they will not apply to strictly remote employees. Be clear about the job type when creating postings, so people from other parts of the country know they’re applying for either a remote or hybrid position.

Having a diverse workforce means having a more talented team with varying ideas. The more diversity you have on the team, the easier it becomes to harness a well-developed work culture. Additionally, you’ll get more feedback on how to improve your business.

Work With a Recruiter

Now that you understand current and future trends in remote work, it’s time to hire the best workers. Burnett’s Staffing makes hiring diverse, skilled workers easy. Our recruiters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will meet with you to discuss and understand your company. After getting to know you, we’ll search for the best individuals to fill your open positions and easily add diverse talent to your team. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services or want to make an appointment.