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Are you seeking a dynamic and resourceful Office Manager to serve as the backbone of your organization, ensuring smooth operations and driving efficiency across all facets of your business? Look no further than Burnett’s Staffing. With a proven track record of connecting clients with top-tier administrative professionals, we specialize in identifying Office Managers who possess the leadership skills, organizational acumen, and strategic mindset necessary to excel in this pivotal role.

As the central hub of your office, an exceptional Office Manager can make a profound impact on your company’s productivity, morale, and overall success. From overseeing administrative functions and managing office logistics to coordinating meetings, supervising staff, and implementing streamlined processes, our candidates are adept at wearing multiple hats and thriving in fast-paced environments. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, they ensure that your office runs like a well-oiled machine, allowing you to focus on core business initiatives and strategic objectives.

Partnering with our agency offers numerous advantages, including access to a vast network of highly qualified Office Managers, streamlined recruitment processes, and personalized support tailored to your unique needs. We understand that finding the right Office Manager is crucial to the success of your organization, which is why we take the time to comprehensively assess each candidate’s qualifications, experience, and cultural fit. Whether you require a seasoned professional with years of industry expertise or a rising star with fresh ideas and innovative approaches, we have the resources and expertise to connect you with the perfect fit for your team.

In today’s competitive business landscape, having a skilled and capable Office Manager can be the key to unlocking operational excellence and driving sustainable growth. By partnering with Burnett’s Staffing, you can rest assured that you’re gaining access to top-tier talent who are committed to supporting your organization’s mission and vision. Let us be your trusted partner in finding the perfect Office Manager to lead your team to new heights of success, empowering you to focus on what you do best—building and growing your business.

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Accounting Manager
AR/AP Clerk
Billing Coordinator
Staff Accountant

Customer Service

Call Center Staffing
Customer Service
Tech Support


Admin Assistant
Data Entry
Document Clerk
Executive Assistant
Legal Assistant
Office Manager
Project Coordinator

Human Resources

Benefits Admin
HR Assistant
HR Manager
Payroll Clerk
Safety Coordinator


Account Manager
Inside Sales
Marketing Coordinator

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