High-Demand Jobs in 2018 + How To Land One of Them

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Businessman Running

Businessman Running

The year is quickly flying by, and with that comes a list of high-demand jobs in 2018. Here are nine positions worth examining.

Computer Software Engineer

These individuals produce and test apps and programs that guide computers through certain tasks. They’re involved in both the design and development processes. Additionally, these engineers modify existing software to correct any errors.

To be a computer software engineer, you’ll need strong programming skills. This includes interpreting multiple computer languages and developing creative solutions to solve everyday problems.

The demand for individuals to fill these positions is only continuing to increase. If you have a bachelor’s degree and plenty of applicable experience, send off your resume and cover letter and give this role a go.

Physical Therapist

Health, wellness, and fitness aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so there’s a high demand for individuals who specialize in rehabilitation.

A physical therapist implements plans to improve mobility, helping patients recover from illnesses, injuries, and surgeries. They also create routines for stretching and therapeutic exercise to assist clients in performing everyday activities.

If you’re looking for an entry-level role, consider becoming a physical therapist assistant or aide. As an assistant, you’ll need a license, but future aides can seek employment right after high school graduation.

Doctor Showing Laptop

Registered Nurse

One of the top careers in high demand is registered nurses. Nurses create a calm, supportive environment for patients and their families. Nurses perform a wide variety of duties in hospitals and medical office buildings, and they’re mostly concerned with monitoring patient symptoms and providing medication. Additionally, nurses run diagnostic tests and prepare patients for treatment. To become a nurse, you’ll need an Associate or Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. This is a job that’s definitely in high demand in 2018, and the growth only continues. If you’re interested in a career in nursing, get started now.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager analyzes how consumers buy products or services and how companies sell them.

This individual will craft effective marketing strategies for businesses to increase their sales and broaden their customer base. Then, the marketing manager executes their plans, evaluates the results, and gets to work on further strategies.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree and obtain relative professional experience such as a market research analyst first. An analyst gathers data about a company’s consumers to help better market products or services.

To perform this role well, you’ll need solid analytical skills to determine the best possible marketing tactics for your clients’ businesses. With every year that goes by, there’s a huge spike in employment opportunities for this type of position.


Orthodontists straighten teeth and improve bites with braces and other corrective gear. The perks of this profession include an impressive salary and the opportunity to join a growing field.

Because orthodontists are specialized dentists, they need several years of higher education. This means receiving your bachelor’s degree, finishing dental school, and entering a residency for orthodontics training.

If you’d like the chance to reinvent someone’s smile and boost their confidence, work your way toward becoming an orthodontist.

Construction Workers

There are always plenty of jobs available in the construction industry. Responsibilities vary with each project, but in most cases, workers operate equipment, transport materials between sites, and remove debris from sites at the end of each day.

As a construction worker, you’ll need the physical strength and determination to perform hours of physical labor.

Entry-level positions in construction generally encourage a degree, but apprenticeships with on-the-job training are required. You’ll also need to check construction-focused job boards to apply for your desired position and get your foot in the door.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors educate clients on their current financial health and assist them in achieving their financial goals. This person plans with clients one-on-one, helping them save money and benefit from their insurance policies.

This is a tough job to fill, but it’s rewarding if you believe you can assist clients with their finances. To apply for this type of position, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree. For some firms, you may even need a master’s degree.

There’s been a significant increase in available positions— with certification you can ease clients’ minds about how they’re spending and investing their money.

Chef With Bread

Restaurant Chef

Dining out with friends and family is a great way to stay connected, so restaurants continue to pop up around the country. There’s always going to be a need for people who can cook delicious cuisine.

An executive chef supervises the whole kitchen, delegating tasks and ensuring harmony between kitchen staff. They also have creative control as they experiment with current culinary trends. If you love planning and preparing fresh food while managing a dedicated team, you should consider becoming a chef.

Chefs must complete formal training programs or apprenticeships to prepare themselves for the culinary world.


Estheticians and skincare specialists help clients feel more confident in their skin. They specialize in hair removal, pore cleansing, and other soothing treatments for men and women. Furthermore, to enhance skin health, they recommend skin care products or specific treatments customized to clients’ skin types. They also must keep in mind how to work around allergies and skin conditions.

While many estheticians work in spas, you can also find them in the medical field assisting facial trauma victims.

There’s a rising demand for estheticians in today’s job market, and to become one, you’ll simply need a high school diploma. Esthetician school is optional; however, taking training courses and obtaining a license following a secondary education are not always required.

Also, they help clients feel radiant and in love with their face and body through facials, exfoliation treatments, body wraps, and a variety of other beauty services.


There you have it—our list of high-demand jobs in 2018. Landing any of the positions we mentioned above comes with mastering three areas of the job application process:

Burnett’s Staffing is ready to help you change careers before the year ends. If you need assistance applying for careers in high demand, give us a call today. We can guide you toward securing your dream job.