How To Attract and Retain a Unicorn Candidate

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How To Attract and Retain a Unicorn Candidate

How To Attract and Retain a Unicorn Candidate

Every company hopes their job listing will attract unicorn candidates who check all their boxes and then some. However, attracting these candidates in today’s competitive market can be hard. So, how can your organization attract these talented and experienced individuals and keep them around long-term? Keep reading to learn how to attract and retain a unicorn candidate in three steps.

Tailor Your Job Description

Just as you look for candidates who tailor their application materials to the position they are applying for, you must tailor your job listing or recruitment materials to the applicant you want to attract. Define who your ideal unicorn is in terms of skills and education and create a job listing or profile for a recruiter that matches that definition.

Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Competitive salary and benefit packages are key to attracting and retaining unicorn candidates. A desirable benefits and compensation package might make the difference between a candidate passing over your job posting or applying. You must stand out against the other jobs they could apply for if you want to attract a candidate who stands out against the rest. Once you’ve hired a unicorn candidate, a low salary or weak benefits package could drive them to seek employment elsewhere. Offering competitive compensation and raises throughout their tenure can ensure you retain your unicorns long-term.

Foster a Positive Work Culture

Don’t let the expression “employees don’t quit jobs; they quit managers” be true for your unicorn candidates. Just as a low salary or poor benefits can drive a unicorn away from your company, a hostile work environment can put a unicorn off from applying or drive them to leave once you hire them. Create a supportive, inclusive work environment with room for employees to grow to attract and retain unicorn candidates.

Now that you know how to attract and retain a unicorn candidate, you can find and hold onto the perfect employee for your open role. Remember, just like unicorns, unicorn employees are rare and valuable, so it’s essential to invest in their recruitment, growth, and satisfaction to unlock their full potential and long-term loyalty. Our DFW staffing agency can help you find your next unicorn. We have great talent we can match with your open roles.