How to Create a More Welcoming Environment for New Employees

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How to Create a More Welcoming Environment for New Employees

How to Create a More Welcoming Environment for New Employees

If you have a high turnover rate, you might want to think about how you welcome your new hires. Creating a more welcoming work environment is key to getting a new hire excited about their new job and encouraging current employees to stick around. Here are some ways you can lead with your best foot forward.

Focus on your values
While your new hire might have become interested in your business at the recruiting agency, leading with your values is the best way to make them stick around. Staffing your business with like-minded individuals who share a commitment to your values is a great way to ensure your employees’ active engagement in their field.

With the ever-changing job market, the Millenial generation is looking for more than monetary benefits when they join a business — they’re looking for a culture they’re proud to take part in. If you use a recruiting agency, highlighting the “why” along with the “what” of your job can help find employees that share your drive and vision.

Create an onboarding program
If you haven’t already, create an onboarding program that highlights these values and introduces the new hire to the job. Too often, new hires are thrust into the business without a refractory period — they don’t know the cultural norms of the office and might not be sure of the responsibilities associated with their new position. They might have gotten a good idea of your program from the recruiting agency, but the flood of information and lack of structure can leave your new employees feeling lost. New employees welcomed with an onboarding program are almost 60% more likely to stick around.

Pick an onboarding program that works with your company — this might include a day with complete supervision, or assigning them a buddy to show them the ropes. Regardless, adhering to a logical schedule is a great way to engage the new employee and provide much-needed structure in an often overwhelming environment.

Promote equality and inclusivity in the workplace
New employees from all walks of life may enter your business and then leave because of issues of harassment or judgment. For LGBTQ+ individuals and women, making an effort to ensure their safety is especially important. If you haven’t already, integrating a Safe Zone training course or creating a regularly scheduled meeting regarding harassment in the workplace is beneficial to all your employees. It also shows potential hires that your company cares about their rights and safety. When they’re looking for opportunities for employment, it’s this kind of welcoming atmosphere that will cause them to take a second look at their employment agency.