How to Grow Your Business with a Recruiter

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temp services

temp services

If you’re looking to grow your business through the placement of new, high quality employees, temp agencies are an excellent option. Staffing your company should not be a lengthy, time-consuming process. Using trustworthy temp services saves you valuable time and money so you can get back to building the core functions of your business. Follow our simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to finding new hires that are right for your business.

A good temp staffing agency can dramatically improve the quality of employees that you bring on board. An agency has access to a broad range of candidates. Drawing from industry expertise and thorough knowledge of the job-search process, an agency finds the right employee for you. If it turns out the fit is not right, you have the added benefit of the position being temporary so that you can return to searching for other candidates if you so desire.

Employee turnover costs range from 30% to 150% of an employee’s salary. This figure adds up quickly and makes it clear how costly it can be to continue without high-quality employees. There is also an enormous time loss associated with any inefficiencies in your recruiting process. A credible recruiter can “stop the bleeding” so to speak, by placing a quality employee within your company as a temporary position. By having direct contact and workplace experience with your temporary hires, you are in a much better position to recognize whatever qualities you want out of the ideal recruit. Staffing agencies are popular in nearly every industry, so you don’t need to worry about a lack of knowledge of your industry. Chances are, a good temp agency has access to the information you need. Temp services can help you fill empty positions quickly and efficiently so you can focus on work that is more pressing.

Staffing agencies work with qualified candidates and have lots of experience in dealing with hiring managers. They have the invaluable ability to sort out potential hires based off your criteria, regardless of how specific it may be. When you consider the time, money, and workpower you can save, choosing a high quality temp service is a wise move if you’re looking to recruit new employees.