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Burnett’s Staffing has focused on job recruitment since 1966. Whether you need to hire new workers or find a job for yourself, we can help. As a staffing agency in Dallas, TX, we work closely with employers to help them hire the best job candidates for their open roles. We also get hands-on with individuals seeking out work to help them find a job! Why worry about the many challenges of finding employees or a job when you can have recruitment experts handle the hard work?

Employment Services

Finding a job can be challenging, and the process often feels defeating. However, with our free job-seeking services, you can find open positions in your area of expertise. We’ll interview you for the role if your resume seems like a great fit. Helping people find jobs is our passion, and at our employment agency, we strive to ensure all seekers discover a career with one of our clients as soon as possible.

Staffing Services

Thanks to our years of experience with job recruitment services, we know which hiring tactics work as well as which ones to avoid. Searching for the perfect employee takes time, and when you sift through countless resumes, you have less time to dedicate to other key areas of your company. Likewise, when you outsource your hiring services, you can spend more time creating an incredible training program for new workers. Focusing on your company’s training and culture improves retention rates, which also enhances your reputation.

As a staffing agency in Dallas, TX, Burnett’s Staffing eliminates this challenge. We like to talk with all our clients and ask a series of questions so that we know what you search for in an employee. From here, we’ll read through resumes and conduct interviews with job candidates to find the perfect fit.

Industries We Specialize In

By focusing on specific enterprises, our staff recruitment agency has become the expert in knowing what skills to search for regarding many open positions. We specialize in the following industries:

  • Call Center Staffing
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Office Clerical

Whether you’re a job seeker or hiring manager, you can reach out to us for help with recruitment for any positions in these fields. On the other hand, if you’re an employee searching for work, we’ll help you find your next job in one of these fields, whether it’s a contract, contract to hire, or a permanent position.

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Eliminate the struggle with searching out the perfect job candidate; instead, work with a staffing company that knows how to navigate the hiring process expertly. Connect with us by calling (972) 385-7600 or emailing dallas@burnetts.com.