Mythbusters: Settling the Score on Staffing Agencies

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temp staffing companies

temp staffing companies

Permanent and temp staffing companies are often used as a last result when your job hunt reaches a stand-still. If you’re unsure about contacting an employment agency because of the misconceptions surrounding the business, read these myth-busting facts to make that leap of faith.

1. Staffing agencies are just for temp work
Sure, staffing agencies are a great way to get a temporary job; but while 22% of new employees leave before the two-month mark, you can’t really blame them. Fortunately, this idea is very wrong: though temp staffing companies do exist, so do permanent ones, and most often, these job agencies provide both services. They also have variety in the types of work they offer: a temp job may be full time, while a permanent job is only a part-time position. Even if you’re only suitable for a temporary job placement — say, if you just moved to a new area — over a third of temporary jobs turn into permanent careers.

2. They’re pushy
If you’re worried about employment agencies pushing undesirable jobs on you, you’re in for a wake-up call. In fact, most agencies care about developing your skills and creating retention within the hiring company. Staffing agencies are paid by the companies looking for new hires. After you’re hired, they get paid, and you have a new job — it’s a win-win for everyone. If an employee quits soon after they’re hired, this looks bad for the staffing agency. They want you to find an enjoyable job just as much as you do.

If your temporary employment agency is pushing a job on you that you don’t want, you can always visit another job placement agency. Businesses with opportunities for employment often send out requests to multiple temp and staffing agencies. You should never be put into an uncomfortable situation. Go with your gut and don’t be afraid to seek a different employment agency.

3. They’ll turn me away if I don’t have a resume
Staffing agencies, both temporary and permanent, are there to provide help to the job-seeker. That includes resume building and skill development. Career coaching programs and classes are often available.

Even if temp staffing companies aren’t able to find you a job, the skills you gain from visiting a recruitment agency will enhance your job hunt. Finding a job is hard, but relying on a professional can help ease some of the burden you’re currently experiencing.