Temp Job Dos and Don’ts: How to Be Successful in Your Short-Term Placement

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temp job

temp job

Temporary job placement can be a great way to add experience to your resume, make valuable industry connections, and make a steady income while maintaining a flexible schedule without a long-term commitment. That said, finding a good temporary employee can be a challenge for many organizations. While 22% of new hires leave their jobs within the first 45 days, temp jobs may have a built-in expiration date that can sometimes make it difficult to attract the best candidates for the position. (That’s just one reason businesses will choose to work with local temp agencies!)

If you’re using temp services to find these opportunities, you’ll need to be willing to put the work in. By keeping these dos and don’ts in mind, you’ll soon be well on your way to becoming a real asset to any organization — and you may even find that temporary to permanent jobs will emerge as a result of your tenacity.


  • Be Respectful: Just because a position is temporary doesn’t give you the license to disregard office policy. You should take temp jobs just as seriously as you do permanent ones. That means showing up on time (or, better yet, early), paying attention and using listening skills, refraining from gossip and office politics, and adopting a positive attitude in the workplace. These might seem like small adjustments, but you’ll be surprised how big an impact they can have — and how readily people notice when you don’t follow these guidelines.
  • Dress the Part: Being a temp is no excuse for not adhering to the office dress code. Even if the office environment is casual, you can show how serious you are by dressing professionally. First impressions matter, especially with short-term work. Don’t assume that because you have a limited contract, you can afford to wear whatever you want. If your attire is deemed inappropriate, you may burn a bridge at this company — and with your temp agency.


  • Be Afraid: Being thrown into a brand new environment can be extremely intimidating. But more than likely, your experience has prepared you for this scenario — and your temp agency can provide you with additional assistance. Take comfort in the fact that employees will know you’re working on a learning curve. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; otherwise, you could end up making costly errors or office enemies. Try your best to have courage and know that you are there for good reason. If you let your fear get the best of you, you’ll have a difficult time doing what’s needed and getting all you can out of the experience.
  • Wait Around: The people who are most successful in temp jobs tend to be self-starters. Instead of waiting for a manager to give you an assignment or to check up on your work, be proactive about your time in the office. Employees will likely be impressed by your initiative, rather than bothered by your requests for more work. Whether you want to turn this job into a permanent position or aim to network with important people in your desired industry, a proactive attitude can allow you to stand out for all the right reasons.

If you’re considering the opportunities for temp jobs that are available to you, these dos and don’ts can help you climb the career ladder with aplomb. For more information on how we can help you with your job search, please contact us today.