The Right Way To Check a Job Candidate’s References

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The Right Way To Check a Job Candidate’s References

The Right Way To Check a Job Candidate’s References

When you’re hiring someone for a job, references can play a crucial part in your decision. These individuals give you additional information about the applicant and confirm information discussed during the interview. Knowing how to properly check and evaluate a candidate’s references can make or break the success of your hiring procedure. Read this guide on the right way to check a job candidate’s references to simplify the process.

Tell the Candidate

Always tell the candidate that you plan to reach out to their references. This shows them respect and transparency, making your company seem like a better place to work. Plus, informing the candidates gives them a chance to provide you with a list of people who can speak positively about their skills and experience. Giving the candidate a heads-up also gives them time to tell their references to expect your call.

When the candidate gives you their list of three to four references, verify they included relevant details about each individual, such as job titles, companies, relationships, and contact information. This will help you achieve accurate and impartial feedback when it comes time to contact the references.

Pro Tip

When you call references, always begin by introducing yourself, saying why you called, and asking if it’s an ideal time to talk.

Create Your List of Questions

When writing your reference questions, it’s important to consider the information you need and wants to receive. After confirming how the reference knows the candidate, stick to open-ended questions.

For example, you’ll learn about the candidate’s behavior by asking the reference, “Do you have anything positive to say about them?” You can also ask specifically about skills and abilities with a question like, “How could their skills make them beneficial to my company?” Crafting your specific questions gives you the additional information to shape your hiring decision.

Take Notes During the Call

Another tip on how to check a job candidate’s references is to take notes throughout the call with each reference. Writing down key points can help you remember vital information and answer any questions later. It’s also a good idea to ask permission to record the call. This way, you can listen to the conversation again and jot down any details you initially missed.

Leave It to the Pros

Finally, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the reference process or if it’s taking up too much of your time, outsource the task to a staffing company. A recruiter will meet with you to understand your business thoroughly so they can hire potential candidates and contact all references.

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