Understanding How a Staffing Service Can Help You Find a Job

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When you find yourself in a period of unemployment, it can feel like it might never end. The stresses and worries of bills and deadlines can quickly pile up, leading to feelings of worry, anxiety, and inadequacy. But it’s important to know that you are not alone. Many people in your situation (and worse situations) have found themselves in temp jobs that lead to long term, satisfying careers. Knowing that there are staffing services out there to help people just like yourself can help to provide you with the motivation you need to find the right job. But even if you recognize the importance of using a staffing service, it can still be challenging to find one that meets your needs. With our simple guide, we hope to educate you on how staffing services work and what you can do to improve your chances of using them to find a satisfying job.

How should I prepare to find temp jobs?

If you’re trying to find a new job, it’s good to know that while staffing services may use a different method than you would on your own, many of the best practices of being prepared still apply to your situation. In this regard, temp jobs are no different than regular jobs. This means that you should always do your best to stay professional, productive, and proactive. Of course, a staffing service is there to give you help finding a job, but that does not mean you can just sit back and be lazy. If you treat your job search like it’s a job in and of itself, then you will be much more likely to find a satisfying job that pays your bills and gives you satisfaction in all areas of your life. A staffing service can give you some of the help you may need to get the ball rolling but your success (or your failure) is ultimately in your own hands.

When you’re searching for a new job, whether it’s through a staffing service, or a more conventional job search process, no detail of your professional and personal life should be overlooked. While it’s important to revise and touch up things like your resume, CV, and cover letter, appraising your web presence is also crucial in today’s world. Everything from your personal website to your profiles on popular social media platforms should be analyzed and adjusted to ensure that you are as employable as you can be. In the current day, you can be certain that these things absolutely matter to employees. Even if you’re aware of this fact, it’s interesting to note the research data that exists to back this up. In fact, among job recruiters, 93% of them look at a candidate’s social media profile. So, regardless of your levels of engagement with social media platforms, it’s wise to make sure you present yourself professionally both online and in person. It could be the difference between a longer period of unemployment or job placement in a fulfilling workplace environment.

What does a staffing service do?

A staffing service finds companies that have vacant positions and fills them with temporary or long-term hires such as yourself. While some temp jobs have clearly defined time frames, others may be referred to as temp to hire. Temp to hire means that while the position will begin as temporary, if you find that the company is a good fit for you, and you are performing to their standards, then the company may choose to hire you as a regular employee. Staffing services are an excellent way to get your foot in the door at a variety of different companies. When you enlist their services, you are far more likely to find a job right away. If you don’t like the work, then you can choose to find another at the end of your temporary period. But if you do like the work, and the company enjoys your performance, you have the potential of finding a permanent position.

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