Why Are My Employees Leaving? 4 Reasons Your Workers Are Dropping Like Flies

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It can cost a lot to go through the hiring process of looking for an employee. Yet it can cost even more when your business has to go through the hiring process more than once due to high employee turnover. In fact, the costs of an employee turnover range between 30% to 150% of an employee’s salary.

To reduce the rate of employee turnover in your own company, it’s necessary to understand some of the most common reasons why employees choose to leave their jobs.

4 Common Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs
Good employees will leave their jobs for a number of reasons. Here are some of the four common reasons why your own workers may be dropping like flies and what you can do to fix it.

    1. Employees are overworked
      Approximately 70% of employees say they feel there aren’t enough hours in a week for them to do their work. When employees have too much work for long periods of time, it can cause them to lose motivation and leave their jobs. To keep your employees from feeling overworked, make sure that the work in your business is evenly distributed among organization’s employees.


    1. Employees are treated differently
      On the topic of ensuring the work in your organization is evenly distributed, it’s important to ensure your business is treating all employees equally. For instance, if two employees were hired for the same job position and one of the employees is paid more than the other it can cause your workers to become angry and leave.


    1. Toxic company culture
      When your company’s culture leaves something to be desired, it can cause your workers to be unhappy and unmotivated. To help keep your workers productive and happy, take some necessary proactive steps to improve your business’ culture through employee recognition and other techniques.


  1. Employee misalignment
    It’s understandable to want to hire an employee as soon as possible, but hiring an employee that isn’t qualified for the job and doesn’t sync well with company culture can cause employee turnover pretty quickly. Consider using a job placement agency to manage your staffing solutions. Staffing companies can sift through the piles of potential hires to find the most qualified candidates for the best possible staffing solutions.

When you use staffing solutions from a job agency, you not only reduce the risk of employee turnover but you also get a leg up in the hiring process. To learn more about staffing your business with a recruiting agency, contact the job placement agency of Burnett’s Staffing Inc. today.