Worried About Your Company’s Retention Rates? 4 Ways to Keep People on Board

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how staffing agencies can help you succeed

how staffing agencies can help you succeed

Are your employee retention rates suffering? With right around $11 billion being lost every single year due to costs associated with employee turnover, resolving this issue can make a big impact on the success of your company. Unfortunately, over half of organizations have a problem with employee retention.


Statistics show that 46% of human resource workers are concerned about poor retention rates within their company, deeming it as their number one concern in the workplace. Well, here at Burnett’s Staffing we want to the take this burden off of your shoulders by setting you up with a team that will last.


Now, hiring a dependable employment agency, like us, is a good first step, but what can you do within your company to keep people on board? Check out some tips below.


Recognize Achievements and Accomplishments


When it comes to encouraging your staff to stick with your company for the long haul, working on employee satisfaction rates is a must. By creating programs that recognize achievements and show team members that their hard work is appreciated, they will know their job matters and will be happier staying there for years to come.


In fact, 86% of companies that have programs like these report a positive impact on workers’ levels of happiness. Trust us, this is one move that will be well worth the effort you put into it.


Provide Adequate Training


New employees want to feel comfortable in their job and the people working with them do not want to pick up the slack for those that have not been properly trained. Make sure your expectations are clear and follow up with new hires to ensure their performance is meeting the company’s requirements for the position.


It is also wise to offer regular feedback and evaluations. This way, everyone in the organization stays happier and no one is left doing more than their fair share of the work.


Offer Competitive Salaries and Benefits


We realize increasing salaries is not always an option, especially if your company is already struggling. That being said, doing what you can to give your employees the compensation and bonuses they deserve can go a long ways in keeping the staff on board and lowering costs on new hires.


Hire the Right People


By finding the right people for your company right off the bat, you ensure everyone stays happier for the long haul. This is how staffing agencies can help you succeed. We can introduce you to qualified candidates seeking employment opportunities in your industry, so you find someone who will be compatible with the work environment you have created.


How Staffing Agencies can Help you Succeed


We have mentioned that recruiting agencies and staffing companies can help you hire good fits for your business, but are you wondering how staffing agencies can help you succeed in other ways, as well?


Well, for one thing, you will not need to waste valuable time searching for candidates and sifting through resumes. They do all that work for you. Job placement agencies perform background checks and dedicate themselves to going through hundreds of applicants to find the perfect match for your company’s overall mission.


Also, when it comes to costs, it is typically more cost-effective and productive to hire an agency than pay an in-house employee to get this job done. An institution that is purely dedicated to find qualified hires for businesses is sure to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.


Ready to get started? Burnett’s Staffing is here to help. With decades of experience under our belt and a passion for serving you with honesty and integrity, we are sure to get the job done right for you and your staff. Reach out today.