3 Reasons to Hire Temporary Employees Vs. Long-Term Workers

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temporary staffing services

temporary staffing servicesWhen you’re faced with unexpected turnover or if your business is currently in a transitional period, you may be wondering whether it’s better to hire a full-time employee for the long term or to hire a temporary worker instead. In many cases, staffing your business with temporary employees may be to your advantage. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

  1. Provides Cost Savings
    One of the main reasons to consider hiring candidates for temp jobs rather than permanent ones is the cost savings it can represent for your business. Being able to pay hourly rates rather than a salary is one way to save money, to be sure. And of course, not having to pay into a hefty benefits package or offer paid vacation time may also be financially beneficial. Also, keep in mind that when you work with temporary staffing services to fill an open position, it’s actually the agency that pays for screening candidates, taking care of payroll and withholding taxes, and other considerations. Of course, you’ll want to make sure before you hire that temporary job placement will actually be economically advantageous; in situations that would require this employee to work for you longer than a few months, it may actually be better to opt for a permanent hire.
  2. Increases Flexibility
    Hiring a temporary worker can allow both you and the employee to maintain flexibility as it pertains to work schedule and staffing. Whether you want to hire someone on a quasi-trial basis (i.e., test them out as a temp worker prior to extending a full-time offer), this option can be a great way to do so without making a substantial commitment. Alternatively, you can also avoid the need for hiring and firing permanent staff members — which not only takes up time and money but can also be a detriment to morale — by working with temporary staffing services instead. While 46% of HR professionals cite retention as their greatest concern, focusing on temporary job placement instead of permanent positions can allow you to keep your options open without sacrificing your company culture.
  3. Adds New Perspectives
    It’s possible your business may feel a bit stuck — you are eager to grow but are currently struggling to find a way to do it. Working with temporary staffing services can allow you to find qualified candidates who can shake things up by providing new perspectives and new skills. Both of these elements can open your eyes to the areas in which you need to make improvements or showcase the types of skills future employees should possess. Even in hiring situations that don’t turn out to be a good fit, you’ll gain valuable information about your culture and hiring practices. All of this knowledge can take your organization to new heights.

You may not have considered working with temporary staffing services to fill vacancies in the past. But in many situations, doing so can allow you to save money while learning more about your business and maintaining flexibility. To find out how we can help find excellent candidates for your business, please contact us today.