The Advantages of Working Temp-To-Hire Jobs

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Temp to Hire

Decades ago, job hopping looked suspicious. Employers believed that jumping from job to job meant commitment issues and a history of workplace drama. In the age of freelancing, contract work, and other unique short job assignments, temporary job placement no longer has a negative stigma. In fact, back in 2015, there were 2.9 million jobs in the temporary help services industry—and the number is only continuing to rise.

Truly, temp-to-hire jobs aren’t poor substitutes for full-time work; they offer a wide range of benefits for both employers and employees.

What does a temp-to-hire position entail?

Staffing agencies usually employ job seekers to fill temporary job positions at a company. Typically, the timeframe for a full-time temp-to-hire position is about three months. Companies generally use temp-to-hire employees to see if they’re a good fit for the company.

At the end of your temporary job placement, an employer may extend a full-time offer, but it’s not always guaranteed. It depends on many factors, such as your work ethic, future career goals, contributions to the company, and more.

The advantages

While employers fill gaps in their company, you fill gaps in your resume

There are a wide variety of temp-to-hire positions out there, and employers want to fill them fast. Even if the job isn’t your “end-all, be-all,” a temporary position is a great way to expand your professional network and learn new skills. Carving out your career path isn’t only about who you know—it’s also about gathering as much knowledge as you can to create an impressive resume.

If you’re reentering the workforce, a temp job is also a great way to transition back into the working world. Whether you’re switching career paths or returning to work after raising a family, temporary jobs allow you to get your feet wet without feeling overwhelmed all at once.


There are emotional and mental perks

If you’ve been hunting for full-time positions for a while, you’re probably feeling exhausted—and a little hopeless. However, temp-to-hire jobs can revive your job search, and you can secure a position where you can shine.

In a nutshell, a temporary position allows you to try something new without diving headfirst into a permanent position. No matter the reason why you’re seeking this type of work, it provides the same experience without that heavy feeling of commitment. Often, employers expect their full-time employees to be on-call and work longer hours if needed, causing stress and fatigue. Meanwhile, most temporary employees can relax knowing that there’s less pressure put on their temporary status.

Think of a temporary job placement like a “test drive.” Do you enjoy the company culture and feel comfortable working in the environment? Is the work interesting? Does your potential employer provide opportunities to learn and grow? All of these questions and more are important to consider when evaluating temp-to-hire experiences.

These types of jobs are great for those who love meeting new people. Some people get restless working in the same space for years at a time, but in a temp position, your co-worker circle changes with every position you hold.

Numerous Opportunities


They keep you flexible and open to numerous opportunities

Your job search operates on your schedule. Once your temp position is over, you can choose to take a break or try another position in a different industry. You may even take a temp job to have a steady stream of income while you continue the search for your dream job.

When it comes to holding a temp position, the ball is in your court. If things aren’t working out for you in your current permanent role, try a temporary job placement. If the temping job doesn’t work out, recruiters can help you secure another temporary or temp-to-hire role. These types of placements are constantly cycling through job boards, social media, and newspapers, so keep your eyes peeled for anything that might spark your interest.


It’s great for recent graduates

Finding work tends to be harder for younger professionals since they usually don’t possess as much experience. The majority of employers today expect their potential employees to have relevant work experience under their belts; this is where temp-to-hire job opportunities come in handy.

If you’re still uncertain about where you want to take your career, we recommend testing out a temp-to-hire position. You can find your ideal working environment, the responsibilities that make you excited to wake up every morning, and much more.

Temporary and temp-to-hire positions tend to get a bad rap due to the uncertainty in income and job security, but they can be a great start for those who need the experience or want to try something new.


Job Search

The future can look bright

Many employees fill temp-to-hire jobs in hopes of receiving a permanent spot in a company. They’re hoping to be one step closer toward making a positive impact on their career path, and most importantly, their future.

The good news is that employers want to hire from a pool of people like you—people who take the initiative, build relationships and treat temporary opportunities as if they’re permanent. Employers want access to talent, and simply hiring from a pool of full-time candidates could sell themselves short.

Plus, for you, a temp job is “a foot in the door.” If you continue to work hard, your employer may see you as a permanent fixture in their company structure for years to come. While this might not sound ideal to some, it can still set up a lifelong career. Here are 50 female CEOs who paved the way to success through securing internships, odd jobs, freelance work, and other positions. The thing is, you don’t start your career as a CEO right away—everyone has to start somewhere. A temporary or temp-to-hire position could be your time to stand out allowing you the opportunity to give your best effort before committing to a full-time gig.


Despite the once-negative connotation, you certainly shouldn’t rule out temp-to-hire jobs. Temp-to-hire jobs may not be for everybody, but the position might be what you’ve been looking for—and you never know where an employment opportunity it may lead!

If you want to feel even more comfortable with the idea of temporary job placement, try working with a recruiter. Since 1966, Burnett’s Staffing has helped candidates find the right positions, offering exceptional assistance before and even during employment. Contact us for more information or start your job search today.