3 Ways Working With a Temp Agency Can Help Your Career

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temp agencies

temp agencies

Although a lot of people are quick to dismiss temp jobs, they can actually play an integral role in your employment history. Temporary job placement can allow you to make a steady income, acquire new skills, and make lasting connections that can help you in the future. And because the costs of employee turnover are high (anywhere from 30% to 150% of an employee’s salary), temp workers are often in demand by employers who want to offset those costs.

Just like people tend to underestimate the benefits of working as a temp, others will minimize the advantages of working with temporary agencies. The truth, however, is that working with temp agencies can help you to find open positions in your chosen field. In many cases, temporary agencies have access to opportunities you might not be able to find on your own. In addition, they can ensure that you’re able to put your best foot forward and that you have every chance to impress hiring managers. Here are just three ways that temp agencies can help you reach your career goals.

  1. They’ll Revamp Your Resume
    Your temp agency can be an excellent resource during the application and interview process. Because agencies are selective about who they promote for open positions, you can rest assured they’ll be on your side. If you look good to employers, they’ll look good, too. Since you’re working towards a common goal, it’s within their best interest to ensure you make a great impression. That starts with the development of your resume. If you already have one, it’s a good idea to bring it with you when you first meet with your staffing firm. That way, they’ll have a better idea of what you have to work with. But don’t be nervous if you don’t have one or if it’s very outdated. They’ll help you to create one that you can be proud of. Not only can this allow you to secure the temp job you’re currently after, but it can be a wonderful reference to use in any job hunts you embark on in the future.
  2. They’ll Teach You to Dress for SuccessAnother way your temp agency can prepare you for an interview (and for the workplace, in general) is to provide you with some style advice. In the corporate sector, there’s a lot of variation in how employees are supposed to dress. But if you’ve worked only in casual environments before, you may think that’s the norm. That can be a fatal error for many would-be hires. Plan on showing up for your temp agency appointment wearing an outfit you feel is appropriate for your given sector or desired position. If it needs some finessing, your recruiter can provide you with some tips that will allow you to impress the hiring team as soon as you walk through the door. Once you have a strong foundation of office appropriate attire, any future employer will see your professionalism right away.
  3. They’ll Help You Feel Confident With the Unfamiliar
    When you work with temp agencies, you’ll quickly become accustomed to new environments. In order to be successful, you’ll need to be able to roll with the punches and learn quickly. Those are two extremely valuable assets in the temping world, but they’re also in high demand with permanent placements. Embracing what’s foreign to you may not come naturally, but you’ll gain confidence in time. Even if you spend short periods with each employer, you’ll improve your skills and your knowledge with each new position. After a while, you’ll probably feel like you’re capable of tackling just about anything. And it’s that confidence that can make a real difference with future employers.

Regardless of your long-term career goals, working with temp agencies can help you liven up your resume, present yourself in a positive light, and take on any challenge. To learn more about how we can help you achieve your professional ambitions, contact us today.