Happy and Hired Holidays: Tips to Help You Find Seasonal Work

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employment agencies

You’ve probably seen “help wanted” or “seasonal workers needed” signs on the doors and windows of some of your favorite local businesses. But you may have dismissed these temporary job placement opportunities as openings geared towards students, seniors, or those who are looking for some extra cash as a side hustle. While temp jobs can be a good fit for people who fall under those categories, these positions can actually allow you to get your foot in the door at an amazing organization or help put food on the table this holiday.

Once you’ve decided that looking for seasonal openings might be the right step for you, you may find that you need some help in nabbing the position. Just because a job is temporary doesn’t mean it’s easy to get. These tips should help you get started and to be successful in finding a temp job that’s a great fit for your skills.

  • Start Early: We’re now getting into the swing of the holiday season and there are still plenty of businesses that likely need last-minute seasonal help. However, the best way to ensure you’ve got something lined up for the holidays is to plan ahead. Around $11 billion is lost every year due to employee turnover, and whether an organization has an immediate short-term vacancy or simply knows they’ll need some extra hands during the holidays, they aren’t going to wait until the last minute to start advertising for help. Employment agencies understand the demand for these temporary jobs as well, so they don’t delay in finding qualified candidates who are a good match. About half of all seasonal positions are already filled by October, so don’t begin your search already at a disadvantage.
  • Keep an Open Mind: When you think of “seasonal work,” you might picture something in retail. While retail positions are certainly plentiful around this time of year, this isn’t the only sector that requires temporary employees. Openings in hospitality, food service, customer service, manufacturing and distribution, administration, accounting, and marketing can all be found. If your aim is to find an excellent temporary job that’s a good fit for what you bring to the table, you can’t afford to limit yourself to one industry or one type of position. Don’t count anything out completely. If you aren’t sure what kinds of organizations you should look into, your staffing agency can be an excellent resource. Since employment agencies have access to listings that you might not otherwise find on your own, they may be able to connect you with an opportunity you didn’t realize existed!
  • Prioritize Your Availability: One thing business owners want is flexibility, particularly when seasonal work is involved. If you want to be hired for this type of temporary job, having a lot of conflicts probably won’t make you look very good. Managers need people who are willing to work evenings, weekends, and potentially holidays in some cases. Being able to work throughout the entire busy season may actually be more important to your employer than the amount of work experience on your resume. If you can’t commit to this type of schedule, be advised that finding a seasonal job could be a bit harder. That said, if working a traditional nine-to-five in an office is a better fit for your schedule, there are likely employment agencies that can match you with a suitable employer that needs this type of help.

Rather than ignoring job listings for seasonal help, you might be smart to reconsider just how big a difference this employment opportunity could make in your life. For some, this temporary placement might be the very thing they need to take the next step in their career or make for a truly special holiday for their families. Our employment agencies can connect you with businesses who need seasonal help, temporary workers, or even temp-to-hire positions. To find out more, get in touch with us today.