4 Important Things to Look for When Selecting a Staffing Agency

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4 Important Things to Look for When Selecting a Staffing Agency

4 Important Things to Look for When Selecting a Staffing Agency

Not just any company can be trusted to find you the hardworking employees you need, and it’s for this reason many businesses choose to search for prospects themselves. However, this process can be time-consuming and expensive, taking resources away from other aspects of your business. So, while you’re busy running and growing your company, take advantage of some of the several reasons for using a recruitment agency. But, when choosing your partnership, keep in mind these important things to look for when selecting a staffing agency. In picking the best one to fit your needs, you can ensure growth in quality, along with numbers.

Knowledge of the Job Market

When hiring a staffing partner to navigate the job market for you, you want to ensure that they know all there is about it. Otherwise, you risk losing out on potential opportunities and candidates. As such, make sure they’re knowledgeable enough to teach you about the trends in the current job market and how it’s best to approach finding fresh talent. Since these trends can change often, you want to also ensure that your staffing partner is on top of any changes that occur and can adjust to them effectively.

When researching your potential partners, take some time to ask them the right questions and test their knowledge. For instance, they should be able to inform you of any recruiting trends over the past year and how these trends affect the overall search. Test this information with questions of your own and inquire about any adjustments they’ve often had to make to accommodate the trends. Pay extra attention to the accuracy of the information you’re given, as well as how much detail they go into. This will help you determine whether they’re being straightforward and authentic.

Positive Reviews and High Hiring Rate

Another important thing to look for when selecting a staffing agency is how many positive reviews they have from their clients and how high their hiring rate is. After all, when making a decision of this magnitude, it’s crucial that you have as much information as possible. So, discussing their performance from past or current clients is key to determining whether they’re the right fit for you. Even if one of your considerations looks promising on the surface, you may find that they have a negative client reputation and lower success rates. If this is the case, it’s probably best to take your search elsewhere. On the other hand, finding that an agency has positive reviews can give you the reassurance you need to trust them with your business growth.

When researching their ratings, ensure you’re getting your information from credible sources that give evidence to support their claims. This way, you can get a clearer picture of what the agency is truly like and how they can apply their past achievements to your current needs. While doing so, try to also compare what’s written in reviews to what is said on their website. If you notice inconsistencies, feel free to ask them about these issues and concerns.

Diverse Recruiting Techniques

Along with the ability to adjust, you also want to know that your staffing agency has the tools and resources to mix up their recruiting techniques. If the agency you’re considering only uses the same channels as you do, then there’s little point in paying them for additional services. But with a wide range of techniques and resources to call upon, your potential agency can branch out the search farther than you can. So, an agency with a diverse resource network will often have a greater impact on your hiring process than one with limited reach.

As you begin determining an agency’s range of approaches and techniques, remember to ask various questions and research thoroughly. For instance, you’ll want to know whether they only seek out active candidates or if they’ll go the extra mile to find higher-quality, passive applicants. Additionally, you’ll also want to check out their advertising and what they offer as well as ask what methods they typically use to find and pursue individuals. Depending on how in-depth your search goes, you may also determine how long their process can take and how quickly you can expect to see potential hires.


Overall, the best staffing agency for the job is one that’s transparent about how they go about their search and what they do when they find a quality candidate. Since trust between an agency and a business is key to a successful partnership, it’s crucial that transparency is the highest priority. Otherwise, the business is taking a risk with their livelihood and can end up regretting it down the road. So, be sure to give your potential agencies the opportunity to communicate in a straightforward manner with you.

Whether it be about their methods, costs, or commitments, you want your agency to walk you through each step of the process, so you aren’t surprised. This is the best way to foster additional trust between the two parties as well as help you understand what you’re paying for and what you can expect. Additionally, it’s during this time that they should also familiarize themselves with your needs and preferred timelines for results. In the end, they should stay focused on helping you meet your staffing goals rather than simply trying to get you to sign a contract. If you feel as though they’re holding something back or aren’t fully sharing their processes with you, it may be best to take your business to someone else.

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