Important Signs it’s Time to Jump Ship

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Important Signs it’s Time to Jump Ship

Important Signs it’s Time to Jump Ship

Since the average person will spend most of their adult life working, it’s important that we not only like what we do, but who we work for as well. However, despite our drive to find the perfect match in a company, it might take a few tries to find what we need. This can leave many workers feeling discouraged and stuck in a rut at a job they hate. It’s for these reasons that an employee needs to know when to pick themselves up and branch out into other opportunities. Though it might be intimidating to start fresh, being aware of the signs it’s time to jump ship and how to respond to them is crucial for furthering your success in your career. After all, it’s only in knowing when we deserve better that we can strive for more and fight for it.

You Aren’t Making Enough

Though money isn’t everything, it’s crucial that you’re making enough to support yourself and your family if you have one. Otherwise, you simply aren’t surviving as effectively as you need to be in your current living situation. Since your pay also translates to the type, quality, and intensity of the work you’re doing, an employer underpaying you also means that you aren’t receiving equal compensation. As such, for the sake of your financial stability, making yourself aware that you’re underpaid is a key first step in deciding whether to stick with a company. Take some time to research the salaries of similar positions in your field and calculate the average. This can give you a clear representation of what your work should be getting you. If these numbers don’t quite line up, this can be the perfect reason to begin looking for other opportunities.

Resources Are Inadequate

It’s also a red flag if your company isn’t providing you with the tools you need to do your job. No matter the field, and no matter the position, it’s the responsibility of the organization to supply their workers with what they need to succeed. Whether it be in the form of training or keeping their required equipment up to date, these things are vital to an employee’s daily tasks. But, if they fail to provide you with these resources, it can influence your ability to perform in the role. So, if you know that you’re capable of more and feel like your current employer is holding you back, it’s probably a good time to move on.

There’s No Room to Grow

Just like employees need the proper tools to do their jobs, it’s also important that they have a clear idea of where they want to go within the company. To feel like you have room to improve and hone your skills, there needs to be an established path of advancement. Without it, you can begin to feel stagnant in your position—resulting in boredom, loss of interest in what you’re doing, and a decrease in motivation. To avoid these things, your place of employment should be providing you with the challenges and learning opportunities you need to further foster your skills. However, if you can’t see a future with the company or feel frustrated with the lack of movement, feel free to reach out to a business that can provide you with those things.

You’re Feeling Undervalued

Another crucial sign it might be time to jump ship is how you feel your employer is treating you. For you to be happy and fulfilled in your current company or industry, it’s essential that you feel like management values your input and hard work. Just having someone acknowledge your work can make a world of difference when faced with difficult situations. Plus, knowing someone hears you helps reassure you that your opinion matters. But when no one recognizes your achievements, it can feel as though your company doesn’t see you as the individual you are. This can also lead to a decrease in motivation and, ultimately, cause you to do the bare minimum rather than strive to achieve. Feeling undervalued can also be a sign that you won’t receive a promotion or move up the ranks within the company, making it difficult to plan a future with them. Be sure to remember that just because your current company doesn’t value you, it doesn’t mean that that’ll be the case somewhere else.

Negative Team Dynamics

In addition to feeling undervalued, employees also commonly leave a company after discovering that they have a negative work environment or team dynamic. Since you need to work closely with your team to accomplish important daily tasks, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable talking to them about issues. Unfortunately, however, not every work environment encourages this type of interaction. Some teams can become influenced by excessive competition or lack of support, making them hostile toward one another. This, ultimately, creates a situation where no one is doing their best work because they are so unhappy.

The Company is Failing

Even if you’re happy with where you’re working and what you’re doing, it’s still important to be on the lookout for signs that your company might be failing. Though being loyal and driven is key to maintaining a positive relationship with your employers, you need to be able to acknowledge when your job is at stake. At the end of the day, you need to make a living, and going down with the ship is no way to help the company—or even yourself. Instead, if you notice that company efforts aren’t yielding results, and the situation continues to get worse, make sure you prepare for the worst. This might involve updating your resume, asking around about additional opportunities, or even outright quitting.

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Signs it’s Time to Jump Ship