5 Benefits of Working With a Temp Agency

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benefits of working with a temp agency

benefits of working with a temp agency

Before you place that help wanted ad you need to know about the benefits of working with a temp agency. Temp agencies are staffing agencies that can help you find, screen, and hire staff to grow your team.

There are some unique benefits of working with a temp agency that can help you to save time, save money, and reduce the strain on your Human Resources department. Learning more about these benefits can help you to make the right choice for your staffing and employment needs.

What is a Temp Staffing Agency?

When you choose the right temp service, it is like gaining a trustworthy partner that is a human resources expert. Temporary agencies in Dallas find highly qualified candidates with the right skill set to work at your company. Notice “work at” not “work for” was used.

A temp agency handles all the HR needs of the candidate and processes their payroll. The only thing you must do for the candidate is to show them where to work and what you expect of them professionally. While the temporary employee is completing work and assisting with projects for your company, they technically work for the staffing agency.

The Benefits

There is a wide range of benefits to staffing your business with a trusted temp agency including:

  • Cost and time savings across the board
  • Help screening, skill-testing, interviewing and selecting potential hires
  • A larger pool of qualified candidates to choose from
  • Ability to decide how long you need the support
  • Opportunity to work with a candidate before placing them on your company’s payroll
  • Less stress and responsibility

There is a tremendous amount of savings involved in using a staffing agency. You do not have to pay for recruitment activities. You do not have to pay for benefits for temporary staff members, and you don’t have to pay for testing, training, benefits or background checks. Working with a staffing agency will remove the stress from your hiring process!


Over 11 billion dollars are lost each year due to employee turn over. Partnering with a temporary staffing agency can reduce the cost risk associated with high turn over rates.

Time Savings

When it comes to working with a staffing agency, whether it’s for a special project or if it’s for an ongoing need, you do not have to put in countless hours searching for candidates, weeding through resumes, and conducting in-person interviews. Temp agencies in Texas will take care of it all.

Time is On Your Side

Whether you are not ready to commit to hiring a new full-time employee or you just need help to get through your busiest seasons, temporary staffing can be an efficient solution. You decide how long you need the employee. Whether it is two weeks or two months, it is all up to you.

There is also a great deal of flexibility with temporary staffing that you just cannot get from hiring someone yourself. It can be a great solution in the short term and in the long term as well.

Take the Stress Off the Table

One of the biggest benefits of working with a temp agency is the stress-free process. The right staffing agency will deliver a turnkey approach to helping you grow your team.