Benefits of Working With a Temp Agency

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benefits of a temp job

benefits of a temp job

Today’s job seekers have discovered the treasures hidden within the variety of choices in online search engines. Most, if not all, career options are now online with a list of requirements and essential education needed to fulfill the position. This has granted individuals the freedom to search out locations and job opportunities with a click of a button or a swipe of a finger. However, there is a vast majority of employers, companies, and employees that have found benefits of working with a temp agency when filling empty slots.

Unfortunately, there has been a stigma about using a staffing agency due to the verbiage “temporary placement”. People have feared this because of the uncertainty of not having an income coming into your home, and being unsure of the length of time placed. In 2016, across the country, retailers hired around 570,000 additional people for the holiday season. The swiftness of adding extra staff for the holiday season was one of the benefits of a temp agency.

A few benefits of a temp job is the employment agency is able to locate a position quickly. They have a list of clients that have employed them to search out talent with a specific skill set for a precise job that needs to get done. Once the employer has enough people who have applied through the staffing services, they will make their selection for the best temporary fit. This works in both the job seeker and company’s favor; not only is the job seeker able to begin working, but also the empty hole in the company receives help.

This also provides the job seeker a variety of options pertaining to temp jobs allowing them the options to select what position works best for them. Additionally, the recruiting agency will do all the screening, pre-hire background checks, and interviewing before placing them with any employer. This helps to cut downtime and is more efficient for the company and the job seeker. Also, other benefits of a temp job are the scheduling; job seekers are able to select the best times for them to work and the company already knows their availability.

Temporary staffing services also have a “temporary to permanent jobs” clause; this is in the contract that will need to be signed before the staffing agencies will place anyone. This is another benefit of a temp job and working with temp services due to protecting not only their client but the individual looking for employment. Once the contract is signed, this places the staffing companies in control of withdrawing taxes, providing benefits (if they offer any), and setting the rate of pay for the newly employed. Relinquishing responsibility of clients to pay benefits gives a greater opportunity to both parties for permanent placement and protection for both company and job seeker.

Giving the public plenty of options with doors open from every angle is what gives security to the person searching for an income and the business seeking to fill a gap in their production. Having temporary agencies on your side and already doing the heavy lifting for you is the benefits of a temp job; providing exemplary service. Knowing you’re protected, have access to multiple availabilities, and won’t have to concern yourself with several pre-employment screenings allows for more efficiency and flow throughout the process. So find your local recruitment agency and give them the opportunity to help find job placement to fit your needs.