5 Great Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

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5 Great Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

5 Great Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

In today’s job market, having a degree doesn’t always guarantee the perfect career. In fact, plenty of occupations still offer great opportunities and don’t require a college education. Some popular jobs include working in a call center, inside sales, receptionist, payroll, and collections. Learn about these great jobs that don’t require a degree and pick the one best for you.

Sales: Inside Sales

People who work inside sales contact potential customers, introducing them to the product or service offered, taking orders, and following up on sales inquiries. Inside sales professionals often utilize emails and cold calls as their first line of communication with prospects. These professionals must be able to evaluate customer needs objectively, build relationships quickly, continually search for leads, and develop strategies that maximize sales opportunities.

Customer Service: Call Center

Working in a call center can be a fulfilling and diverse job. It allows you to help customers out of difficult situations and serve as an important resource for service and support. Depending on the company, you may even get to work from home with a virtual setup.

To thrive in this role, you should be an empathetic problem solver. Additionally, you must have superb communication skills and know how to stay calm during stressful situations. Some callers may direct their frustration of an issue toward you, but you’ll have to remain collected and professional.

Administrative: Receptionist

An administrative receptionist is integral to keeping a workplace running smoothly. One of their duties is maintaining the reception area, which involves sorting through mail and files regularly. As a front-of-house representative for the business, a receptionist also books meetings and greets office visitors.

The most successful receptionists are self-motivated, organized individuals. While it’s not required, it helps if you’re an extrovert since it’s a fairly interactive career.

Human Resources: Payroll Clerk

Payroll clerks play an essential role in the workplace, as they make sure employees receive their wages on time. Reviewing and processing employee time sheets is a vital key to ensuring accuracy in calculations while keeping up with changes in local and federal tax regulations.

Skilled payroll clerks will possess great organizational skills to match their extraordinary math ability. These individuals also need to accurately calculate an employee’s pay, including payable hours, tax deductions, and any bonuses.

Accounting: Collections

Working in the collection is the final great job that doesn’t need a degree. This career requires diligent and determined individuals to help recover the debt owed to their company. Collection specialists need confident attitudes to request debtors pay back what they owe. If a debtor does not reimburse the invoice, the collection specialists will contact them until the debtor makes the payment.

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