5 Ways to Slay the Temping Game

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temp agenciesThe idea of working as a temp might not appeal to everyone at first. It’s understandable that most workers want secure, full-time employment. But finding that right off the bat might not always be easy. Temp jobs can allow you to get one foot in the door and impress the higher-ups in the hopes that you’ll be asked to stay on for a longer period. Alternatively, working with temp agencies in your area can allow you to make an income while pursuing other endeavors like school or personal passions. That said, with so many people pursuing temporary job placement, you need to do what you can to stand out (for the right reasons) if you want to be asked to stay on. Here are five ways to slay the temping game and make a fantastic impression.

    1. Be Punctual: There are many ways to show how professional you are in the workplace, but chief among them will be your ability to arrive on time (or even early). Be punctual on your first day and every day after. This will show your commitment to the job and that you aim to present yourself in a positive light. By making it a point to be on time for the start of the workday and for every meeting, you’ll show your coworkers and managers that you’re reliable and understand the value of time.
    2. Be Motivated: Around 22% of new hires leave their jobs within the first 45 days, which means most employers are looking for people who have a natural drive and dedication to their work. If you can show you’re able to meet and exceed your manager’s expectations — and that you’re self-motivated, rather than scraping by with minimal effort — they’ll be much more likely to recognize the value you bring to the business. And when they recognize your value, you’ll likely be asked to stick around.
    3. Be Communicative: Working with temp agencies does require you to be honest and direct in your communications. If you aren’t able to work on certain days or between certain hours, it’s important to communicate with your temp agency on that from the start. You’ll also need to focus on communication once you’re on the job. You’ll need to express any concerns you might have, feel empowered to ask for additional information, and be upfront about your workload management abilities. You’ll need to build relationships with others in the office and keep temp agencies up-to-date on your progress. That requires a commitment to communication that will show in your work performance overall.
    4. Be Flexible: When you work with temp agencies, you’ll need to be a bit more flexible than with full-time employment. You’ll need to adapt to new responsibilities, new technology, and new corporate cultures on a moment’s notice. You’ll need to learn quickly, go with the flow, and produce the results these businesses are looking for. When you’re able to roll with the punches and work under stressful conditions, that’s a real asset to employers.
    5. Be Productive: You’re required to be productive at any job, whether you work with temp agencies or find full-time employment on your own. But the pressure is really on when you’re a temp. The business is relying on you to help them during a transitional period. If you aren’t able to produce the quantity and quality of work they expect, it’s likely that the job isn’t a good fit. But if you’re able to maintain your output while you take on more responsibilities and learn more about the business, that says a lot about how productive you’d be as a long-term employee.

Not every worker is cut out for temp work. But if you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to shine in your temporary job placement and impress both the agency and the business in question.