Temp Agency FAQ: What Workers Want to Know

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temp serviceWhen you’ve been actively looking for a permanent job for quite some time, you might assume that finding a position through a temp service won’t allow you to earn enough income or provide stability. While finding temp work does not guarantee you a permanent position, it can be a great way to bring in wages while providing flexibility, work experience, and new opportunities. And considering that more than 3 million temporary and contract employees work for U.S. staffing agencies during the average week, it’s clear that this option is a very popular one for Americans. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when working with temp services.

What are the benefits of finding work through a temp service?

If you’re job hunting on your own, it could take you several months to even be granted an interview. But one of the upsides of working with temp agencies is that you’ll generally be able to find a job within a relatively short period of time. That’s because temp services have existing relationships with successful companies, allowing you to gain access to positions you might not otherwise even know about. Staffing companies can also offer valuable career advice. Finally, consider the fact that having some flexibility can actually be a good thing. You’ll have the freedom to pursue other endeavors while you hone your skills and make connections.

Which industries offer temp jobs?

Some people assume that temporary job placement simply isn’t an option in certain industries. But actually, companies across virtually every industry work with temp agencies to find qualified candidates. While the majority of temp jobs can be found in office settings or other corporate situations, there are also many temp positions available in industrial, technical, medical, retail, and other fields. You’ll be able to find a temp job in almost any sector you can imagine.

What should I expect during a temp agency interview?

Temp agencies screen and interview potential candidates that they will be able to match with open positions at companies with which they work. Each agency has its own process, but you’ll usually fill out an application (which you’ll submit with your resume), provide references, submit to a background check, and have an interview with a staff member about your strengths and your employment history. You may also need to take certain tests that can analyze your level of skill in certain areas on your resume. Keep in mind that these interviews may actually be a bit less nerve-wracking than ones with potential employers, as the temp agency wants to work with as many qualified individuals as possible. In other words: don’t sweat it! Remember that the staffing agency is on your side and wants you to succeed.

What’s the typical schedule for a temp job look like?

It really depends on the agency and on the company you’ll be working for. But consider the fact that the more flexible you can be, the more appealing you might be to businesses. If you are available on the weekends or can work days or nights, you might be a more desirable candidate and your temp agency might be able to connect you with more opportunities. That said, if you are unable to work during certain days or have other complications with your schedule, it’s important to let your agency know that upfront. They’ll likely still be able to find work for you — but only if you’re forthcoming. As far as when you’ll be called in, that can be hard to predict. You may be called into work at late notice and contracts may last anywhere from a week or two to a few months.

Can I turn my temp job into a permanent one?

Again, this depends on the business you work with — but it may also depend on your performance. By proving yourself indispensable to that company, you may convince them to turn your temp job into a full-time position. While you shouldn’t expect this every time, temping can be a good way to get your foot in the door and make an outstanding impression.

Working with a temp service can be a fantastic opportunity for workers of any age and skill level. To find out more about our employment opportunities, please contact us today.