5 Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search and Find New Employment Fast

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help finding a jobCome the first of the year, surges in job listings can make it easier for those on the job hunt to find the right fit. But even though there are more opportunities to choose from, that doesn’t mean you’ll be guaranteed to be hired quickly. Whether you’re in a time crunch or you’re simply tired of the search, there are ways to speed up this process and increase your chances of being hired on the spot. Here are five tips to help you land a job more quickly.

  1. Keep it Simple and Specific: When you’re updating your resume, resist the urge to list every job you’ve ever had. You should also refrain from submitting the exact same resume to every potential employer. You need to pare down your resume to the essentials and tailor it to impress each individual hiring team. You’ll want to highlight the skills that make you a great fit for a particular position without making your resume several pages long. Unless there’s a standout connection or your work experience is limited, you should trim your resume to include only your last few jobs or the last five years of work.
  2. Strengthen Your Cover Letter: When you need to find a new job, you might spend the bulk of your time updating your resume. But you can’t afford to neglect the cover letter. Around 46% of HR professionals say retention is their greatest concern, which means hiring managers and other personnel may not devote as much time to looking over your resume as you might think. Your resume is important, but it doesn’t necessarily tell an employer everything they need to know about you. Your cover letter can actually offer a more complete picture in terms of what you have to offer. Focus on your qualifications and how those traits can help their business succeed. Above all else, you need to instantly let them know what makes you different from every other candidate who applies.
  3. Don’t Apply to Everything: As counterintuitive as it may seem, it’s not necessarily the best idea to apply to every opening you come across. If you need help finding a job, you should first focus on the types of positions you want to go after and the types of companies that are the best fit for you. If you have only a lukewarm interest in a certain field or have an iffy feeling about a particular employer, don’t apply to those positions! It’s a waste of time for both you and the hiring team. Make sure you’re qualified for and enthusiastic about every position to which you apply. You might not need help finding work for long if you’re actually applying to the right jobs in the first place.
  4. Put In the Time: Applying to jobs is pretty much a full-time position in itself. If you’re currently out of work and need help finding a job, that might actually be a good thing. However, if you’re currently employed but are ready to move on, it can be difficult to even find the right positions and apply to them. If that’s the case, you should devote as much time as you can to this cause without putting your current employment in jeopardy. Either way, don’t settle for sending out only a few resumes per day; that won’t cut it if you’re pressed for time. Treat this like a job or a side hustle if you want to see serious results.
  5. Consider Temp Work: If you need job search help and are in a dire situation, you may need to think outside the box. Temporary work can allow you to get back on your feet while you figure out your next steps. It’s a great way to earn a steady living and acquire new skills without making a long-term commitment to any one employer. If you need help finding a job that’s temporary, a job agency can be an amazing resource. In some cases, you may even be asked to stay on a permanent basis after learning the ropes!

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