Can Social Media Help You Find a Job?

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help finding work

help finding work

In the digital age, many of us rely on our social media accounts to keep tabs on local events and favorite companies or communicate with friends and family. But it’s actually not all fun and games. In many cases, you can even find (or lose!) a job with help from social media. Although some older professionals may scoff at the notion, social media platforms can actually be immensely helpful for those seeking employment opportunities. Here’s why you should pay attention to social media if you need help finding work.

You Can Network With Others

Don’t forget that your favorite social networking site can serve as far more than a way to look at cute animal videos or send funny memes to your friends. These platforms are actually valuable channels for professional networking. On LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook, it’s fairly easy to connect with those who might be able to offer you opportunities for employment (or know someone who can!). There are Facebook groups and hashtags devoted to job placement — and of course, LinkedIn is basically meant for job seekers. As long as you know how to weed out any offers that don’t seem reputable, you can use these channels to find others in your industry or area and forge priceless connections.

You Can Create a Personal Brand

Posting photos of your dog or your dinner on Snapchat or on a private Instagram account is okay, but you may be neglecting a huge opportunity. If you need help finding work, one of the best things you can do is to use your social media accounts to show off your unique gifts and cultivate a personal brand. It may seem cliche, but it really is a good way to sell yourself to potential employers. This doesn’t mean you should be inauthentic; rather, it means you can show off the best version of your personality and use your platform to show what you’d bring to the table. This could help you to gain followers or make your side hustle more successful, but it can also show how qualified you are before you ever walk into the interview room. If your captions are brilliant, your photos are beautiful, and your video stories show that you’re personable, well-spoken, funny, intelligent, or creative, you won’t have to work nearly as hard to convince an employer how right you are for the job.

You’re Probably Being Noticed Anyway

In today’s world, having a completely private social media account (or none at all) isn’t always the best option. In fact, it’s usually better to establish a professional account where you can post content regularly and be the best version of yourself. Of course, you should clean up any photos or posts that could be seen as negative, as 93% of recruiters from job agencies look at the social media profiles of candidates to assess their qualifications. If you’re on the lookout for opportunities for employment, you should come to terms with the fact that nothing you do online is actually private. If you need help finding work, start by showing how professional you are on a public account. You may earn bonus points with a potential employer who’s trying to choose between you and someone with no social media presence or one that has questionable posts in their past.

If you need help finding work, you may want to start by focusing on your social media accounts. Depending on your decisions, you could find ample opportunities for employment and create accounts that will appeal to hiring committees — or put yourself out of the running before you ever meet the boss. For more information on how our agencies can help you further your career, please contact us today.