Plan Ahead for Summer Vacation Time

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Summer is the season when temporary hiring is in the highest demand. Between kids being out of school and employees cashing in the vacation hours they’ve saved up, it’s likely that you may find yourself understaffed at some point. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time to plan ahead, and no reason to find yourself unprepared during the upcoming summer months. Here are some proactive steps to take now:

Assess your employees’ schedules. While it’s always possible for something to come up at the last minute, most employees know the dates that they’ll be traveling well in advance. Encourage your office to put in their vacation requests as soon as possible so that you can asses your staffing needs early.

Offer flexibility to improve morale. When the weather gets warmer, it’s possible that productivity around your office may suffer. Consider motivating your team by offering flexible summer schedules. Whether it’s half a day on Friday or a later start time on Monday, any extra time for a weekend getaway can keep your employees motivated during the rest of the week.

Start looking for help now. Yes, spring has just begun, but the hiring and recruiting process takes time, and once you select your new workers, they must go through orientation and be trained for their duties. Not only that, but as demand increases, you’ll have to compete for good talent with your competition. That’s why, if you want great employees for summer, you need to start writing job descriptions, sorting through resumes, and taking interviews now.

Partner with a staffing firm. If you need someone to fill in at a reception desk last minute, a staffing firm can solve your problem. At Burnett’s Staffing, we have a pool of candidates ready for work whose skills and characteristics have already been assessed and tested. We can take the hassle of recruiting, hiring, and payroll off of your shoulders.

Looking for temporary summer help in office support, administration, accounting, finance, or human resources? Burnett’s Staffing can help you with all your staffing needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Get in touch with us today to take the stress out of summer staffing.

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