Congrats on the New Job! 5 Tips for Making Your Resignation Easier

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Resigning from your old position to accept a new one is one of the more tricky situations you’ll ever have to deal with in your career. Fortunately, it’s easy to handle it with grace if you put some thought into the process. Here’s how:

1. Make the decision.

Make up your mind before you resign. Don’t drop hints to your boss or co-workers until you’re sure. Don’t make a move until you have your new offer in writing. Finally, it’s fine to consider a counteroffer if one is presented to you when you resign, but don’t count on one. Make peace with the fact that you’re leaving your position.

2. Put it in writing.

Use your company’s policies to determine how much notice you need to give your boss. If a policy isn’t in place, two weeks is standard. When you put your resignation in writing, stick with facts like dates and times, and don’t bring emotions or motivations into it. (Exit interviews are a better time to raise these issues.)

3. Leave things on great terms.

You don’t owe an explanation to anyone, so don’t feel pressured to share your reasoning. Say goodbye to each of your colleagues so that you all get closure. Recommend them on LinkedIn with an endorsement. If you want to keep your relationship going after you leave, offer to keep in touch.

4. Suggest someone to take your place.

The biggest stressor for a manager accepting a resignation is the knowledge of how difficult the hiring process can be. Offer to help with the transition. If you know someone, inside of or outside of the company, suggest them. If not, offer to help train your replacement, either directly or through notes that you create before your last day.

5. Wait to share the news online.

You don’t want to be the person sitting in your old office with your new job title already featured on your LinkedIn profile. It’s natural to be excited, but practice restraint when it comes to public sharing. Once you’ve finished your first day at your new position, feel free to post about it online.

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