Benefits of Utilizing a Local Staffing Agency

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Partnering with a local staffing agency might be new for some, but the practice has been around for decades.

Staffing agencies source, recruit, and screen local talent including those actively and passively looking for a new opportunity. The easiest thing a professional can do is to put their information in the hands of a good staffing coordinator. You never know when the right opportunity might come along and you don’t even have to go looking for it!

Companies benefit by partnering with local staffing agencies because they take the leg work out of the hiring process! A good staffing agency will find the right people for your job. They should interview, thoroughly check references, background check, drug screen and present each qualified candidate right to you. Let them do all the resume reviewing, searching, qualifying, and contacting of candidates. All you need to do is let the staffing agency know what time you’d like to interview!

Here’s a tip: Partner with an experienced “contingency staffing agency.” Contingency agencies only charge their clients when a hire has been made through the agency. If you haven’t tried hiring through a staffing agency, it’s worth the phone call.

About the author: Brayden Burnett serves as the Operations Manager for Burnett’s Staffing, a Dallas-Fort Worth based staffing agency starting in 1966. He is the third generation of his family to serve in the staffing industry. Burnett’s Staffing is a valued expert in Dallas-Fort Worth employment. For more information about Brayden and Burnett’s Staffing visit!

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