Business Growth Strategies: 4 Principles to Achieving Exponential Growth

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Achieve Exponential Growth

Many companies plan for linear growth: we’ll add X units, sales or people this quarter, X units next quarter, and so on. Others think in terms of percentages: We’ll improve by X percent this quarter, X percent next quarter….  Increasingly, however, it’s the companies that think in terms of 10X growth that see the best results.

“10X Thinking” asks, “How can I make this ten times better, instead of ten percent better?”  It reframes efforts so they focus on getting the biggest payoff for the least expenditure.

Here are four principles to reframe your thinking and achieve exponential growth:

Don’t settle for just any benefit.

Often, businesses and their staff are encouraged to follow up on any lead or idea, because “you never know where it might lead.” This approach fritters away employees’ energy and makes it harder to reach the big, most realistic goals.

Instead of seeking any benefit, look at opportunities and ask, “Does this give us the most benefit for the energy we’ll expend?”  If so, go for it. If not, keep looking.

Be clear about your goals.

Start by setting a clear five-year goal. Focus this goal into a single sentence, and use concrete numbers when you can: “Our company earns $50 million per year in gross revenues and is ranked among the top five percent of companies in our field.”

Measure your work day against your goals.

Measure every task against the goal you have set by asking: “If I could do only one thing to get us closer to this goal today, would this be it?” This question will quickly help you clarify where your efforts should lie.  For instance, using the next ten minutes to schedule an interview with an outstanding candidate your staffing firm recommended might get you much closer to earning $50 million per year than skimming yet another dozen emails.

Hire for maximum growth.

When you hire with exponential growth in mind, you start to add people to your team who also think in terms of gaining the biggest momentum from the smallest push. Your culture develops into an exponential-growth mindset, and you gain the capabilities to make these dreams happen. Your recruiter can help you choose the people you need.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our recruiters help clients throughout the Irving, Arlington, and Dallas-Fort Worth area hire the people they need to expand beyond their current limits. Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting services in Irving and beyond.

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