4 Job Search Secrets

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job search secrets

Job Search Secrets: Be a Go-Getter, and Go Get That Job!

A desirable job opening just became available, your heart flutters at the thought of a job with THIS company! So, duh, you apply! Resumes flood by the hundreds into the hiring department. Resumes stack up in piles waiting to be sorted through. You are now 1 out of 200 and it could be weeks before they even get to your resume.

Don’t be JUST another resume in the stack. There are plenty other resumes that look just as pretty as yours. Go after the job! Call the company, locate the hiring manager, introduce yourself, qualify yourself for the position and lastly, ask for the interview!

GREAT! You’ve got the interview on the calendar. Now here’s the secret: An interview is not an “interview,” it’s a presentation! Present what you can do for a company to help reach its goals! Do not focus on what a company or position can do for you, focus on what you will do for a company! Sell yourself and your ability to make a difference that is in line with a company’s goals.

How do I sell myself to a company? The best way is to believe! Don’t go for ANY job. Go for the RIGHT job with the RIGHT company you believe in. Convey how your beliefs align with the company’s mission and overall goals. Believe in your ability to be a difference-maker.

Lastly, follow up, follow up, and follow up! Don’t be afraid to let the employer know how much you want their job. Send a nice Thank You note and do not wait on the company to “get back” to you. Go get what you want and that’s their job!

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