From Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader to All Pro at Burnett’s Staffing

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From dazzling crowds as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader to thriving with a successful ten-year career at one of Dallas’s leading staffing agencies. Danielle Adams, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, is celebrating a remarkable milestone as she hits her 10-year anniversary with Burnett’s Staffing.  

“A decade of dedication, hard work, and continuous growth is no small feat, and Danielle has demonstrated unwavering commitment in both her roles as a cheerleader and a valuable member of Burnett’s Staffing. We are very proud to have her on our team.” CEO Paul Burnett said. 

Danielle’s journey began with a lifelong dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Originally from Long Island, New York, she followed her passion to Dallas, Texas to not only realize that dream but also to excel in a new role. In 2013, she embarked on a professional path as she joined Burnett’s Staffing, while still cheering full-time for the Cowboys. With no prior experience in recruiting, she dove headfirst into her role.   

Danielle’s ability to balance her role as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader with her full-time career at Burnett’s Staffing showcases her remarkable work ethic and dedication. She often worked each weekday at Burnett’s Staffing, followed by rigorous cheerleading practices till midnight, all while maintaining a commitment to both roles. 

“In these 10 years, she has become an integral part of our company and has achieved some exceptional milestones. Starting in 2013, Danielle quickly climbed the ranks to become a Team Manager while winning prestigious honors including company-awarded trips, Recruiter of the Year, and Top Producer of the Year.” COO Brayden Burnett said.  

Her journey has been filled with personal and professional growth, and she credits her mentors, Paul and Brayden Burnett, for guiding her along the way. Their belief in her potential and their encouragement have been instrumental in her success.   

Danielle’s 10-year anniversary with Burnett’s Staffing is a celebration of her incredible journey from cheerleader to becoming a respected leader in the staffing industry. Her story serves as an inspiration to all who aim to achieve excellence in their careers, regardless of their chosen paths.    

As she looks back on the past decade, Danielle expresses immense pride and gratitude for her journey. One that exemplifies the power of hard work, determination, and a supportive work environment in achieving remarkable success.