Telling The Arlington Story: Burnett’s Staffing’s Journey To 50 Years Of Commitment

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In the world of business, longevity often speaks volumes about an organization’s commitment and success. For over 50 years, Burnett’s Staffing has been involved with the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce, and this partnership has been instrumental in their growth and impact on the community.

The journey began in 1966 when Paul W. and Joyce Burnett founded Burnett’s Staffing in Arlington, Texas, where the original office building on Avenue E still stands today. Burnett’s Staffing was built on the principles of professionalism, service, honesty, and integrity and provides the DFW metroplex community with clerical, administrative, accounting, and customer service positions.

Over the past 57 years, Burnett’s has encountered various challenges, including shifts in the job market, economic downturns, evolving industry regulations, the recent pandemic, and competition within the staffing and recruiting industry. However, their commitment to their core values and mission has guided them through these ups and downs.

“We believe that what sets us apart is not just what we do but how we do it.” Brayden Burnett, COO of Burnett’s Staffing and third generation, said. “We understand that details matter, relationships matter, and personal growth is the key to serving others effectively.”

Their involvement with the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce dates back to the very beginning in 1966 when Joyce Burnett made the decision to join. Her vision was to connect with other businesses and positively impact the community.

“What has kept us engaged with the chamber over the years are the invaluable relationships we’ve built and our deep-rooted commitment to the city of Arlington. By incorporating our company core values, our mission remains the same: to provide the highest quality service to help employers grow their teams and professionals advance their careers.” quoted Paul D. Burnett, CEO.

The loyalty and perseverance of their team, along with the enduring relationships they have forged, have enabled them to serve thousands of employers and job seekers. Their commitment will always be dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.

As they look back on over 50 years of involvement with the Chamber, they are proud of the journey they have undertaken and are excited about the future. Their roots in Arlington run deep, and they remain committed to the city and its vibrant business community as they continue to grow and make a positive impact.

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