The Dallas-Fort Worth Guide to Staffing Strategies

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As the economy continues to gain momentum, many Dallas-Fort Worth companies find themselves needing talented candidates who will lend top productivity to the company’s bottom line – but they also find themselves facing an ever-tighter candidate market.

When it’s time to add new staff to your ranks, how can you hire smarter and more efficiently? Consider these staffing strategies:

  1. Choose the right recruiting firm. A big staffing firm with a national reach sounds like it has the experience and large candidate pool to offer promising options – and it might. Chances are, however, that a big national firm has spread itself too thin to offer the depth of knowledge of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s available talent, industry connections, and emerging market trends. When you choose a local firm that specializes in placing talent in your industry, you tap into a vast network of professional connections and a deep knowledge of trends and business shifts.
  2. Leverage your staffing partner’s expertise for short- and long-term planning. Staffing partners work with you on both short-term and long-term staffing problems. Whether you need a key staff member fast or you want to plan ahead for a coming seasonal rush or a five-year sustainable growth situation, your staffing firm can help you anticipate changes in the local industry and markets, evaluate the available talent, and tailor your approach to attract better candidates in less time.
  3. ABC: Always Be Communicating. The more information you share with your staffing firm, the better you equip your staffing partner to help you. As your organization determines which staff it will likely need in the near future, why certain candidates leave, and who “fits” best with the organization, be sure to relay this information to your recruiter. He or she can use it to provide tips on sources for top talent and to tailor the recommendations the recruiting firm makes when sending your hiring managers information on promising candidates for key positions.

At Burnett’s Staffing, we strive to match Dallas-Fort Worth companies with candidates who bring both a strong skill set and a good personality “match” to the table. Contact us today to learn more.

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