How to Be the First to Hear about an Open IT Job

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As the economy continues its recovery, the IT job market grows more and more competitive. Even though you boast a résumé filled with significant professional accomplishments and a robust technical skill set, sometimes the best open jobs are simply harder to find. Maybe it’s time to forge a career-long partnership with a top-rank technical staffing agency in your area?

Interested? Let’s take a closer look how an IT recruiting agency remains a great bet for your career, and giving you access to great open positions in your local region is only one of the reasons.

The Best Companies Prefer Certain Recruiting Agencies

Don’t assume the top companies in your city publicly post every open IT position. In fact, they probably work with only a selection of the leading staffing agencies in your area. Because of this, if you don’t already work with one of their favored staffing companies, your chances of finding out about that great open job are close to nil.

Even if a company ends up posting about an open position, their preferred staffing vendors — and the IT consultants working with them — probably heard about it first. It’s obvious that partnering with a local staffing agency gives you the best chance for hearing about open positions — and potentially earning a job offer — before the public at large.

Other Benefits Gained from Partnering with a Top IT Staffing Agency

There are a myriad of other reasons that make partnering with a top-notch staffing company good for your career. The best recruiters fully understand the local IT community as well as the larger industry as a whole. They offer advice to ensure you network with the right technology connections in town.

Additionally, they provide encouragement to keep your skill set fresh, by knowing the hottest technologies in demand at the top firms both locally and nationally. They will help keep your career moving forward.

When searching for a top staffing agency with which to build a partnership, look no further than Burnett’s Staffing. As the top IT employment agency in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our recruiters understand the local and national tech markets and can help both you and your career. Contact us today to learn more!

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