How to Change Jobs Quickly and Gracefully

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Leaving a job can be a stress-inducing affair, and for some, it happens pretty often. New hires are especially likely to become job seekers, since 22% of new recruits leave their job within 45 days of starting.

Sometimes, job hopping is unavoidable. However, it doesn’t always have to be stressful. Use these five tips to leave a job quickly and gracefully for less time between paychecks and more time climbing the ladder.


  1. Ask Yourself Some Important QuestionsBefore deciding to quit your job, identify exactly why you want to quit. Taking this step will help you find a job you’ll stick with longer next time. Also try asking yourself some other questions, like:-  What will I lose or gain if I quit?
    –  Is this the right time to quit, or should I wait?
    –  What are my values? Does this change align with what I believe in?
    –  Can I afford a new start right now?

    By focusing on key questions like these, you’ll know when you’ve made the right decision.

  2. Use All the Tools AvailableOnce you’ve made your decision, it’s time to start the job of job searching. Be prepared to spend several hours every week writing cover letters, sending applications, and researching employers. Take advantage of the internet, and consider looking into staffing agencies. Staffing companies might help find you temp jobs so you can continue to earn money and gain experience between your more permanent roles.
  3. Don’t Quit ‘Til You’ve Found ItWhile job searching, resist the urge to quit your current role. Much of the job searching process is involves waiting; the time between sending application, getting an offer, and starting work could be several weeks. Keep a short time period between roles to avoid losing money and losing confidence as you transition to your new position.
  4. Don’t Slam the DoorThough you may despise your current job, resist the temptation to leave in a storm of flames. Burning bridges is a bad choice at any stage of your professional development, and if your new job turns out to be a flop, you’ll have no one to go back to for a position or for references.


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