How to Find Better Seasonal Help For Your Small Business

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temp services

temp services

Today’s workforce is typically more open to short-term hiring practices. The so-called gig economy is going strong, with countless people embracing the idea of having a side hustle or two. Freelance and contract work is becoming more common, often allowing workers to have greater flexibility and the freedom to work for multiple organizations at once. What’s more, seasonal work is more in-demand than ever. During 2016, U.S. retailers hired an extra 57,000 people for the holiday season. But non-retail organizations also need seasonal workers or need to fill temporary positions to ensure they stay ahead of the curve and keep their output high.

That said, finding qualified candidates to fill these available temp jobs isn’t always easy. If you’ve tried staffing your team with seasonal workers in the past only to be let down in the end, it’s possible that you need to take a closer look at your hiring practices. Failing to set the right tone and devote enough time to this process can lead to poor hiring decisions that can have a huge impact on your company as a whole. Here are some tips that will allow you to find better seasonal help for your small business.

  • Get a Head Start: If you’re specifically hiring temporary employees in advance of your busy season or you know that an important employee will be out of the office for a prolonged period in advance, it will behoove you to start early. You need enough time to sort through applicants, interview candidates thoroughly, and provide proper training so that they feel equipped to handle their responsibilities when you need them most. If you wait until the last minute to find someone, you aren’t likely to find the qualified hires you really want, nor will you be able to devote adequate energy to this process. Ultimately, that can force you to make some bad decisions that will just hurt your business in the end. Plus, if you post job listings or work with temp services prior to the seasonal rush, you may attract workers who might otherwise be snatched up by competitors.
  • Be Clear and Compelling: Whether you list an ad online or you work with local temp agencies to find qualified candidates, you need to ensure that you’re crystal clear about the position, what it entails, and what you expect from new hires. It does not pay to be vague during the application process. If you’re not upfront about all the details, you could end up wasting both your time and applicants’ time due to a poor fit. You should be forthcoming about the short-term nature of the job, as well as any scheduling essentials. That said, it will help if you can highlight the perks of the position or consider offering some unique incentives that might make your seasonal opportunity stand out from all the rest.
  • Take Advantage of All Avenues: When you need high-quality seasonal applicants, you can’t afford to overlook ways to increase your reach. Sure, you can turn to online job sites to post listings, but keep in mind that you may be overwhelmed with applications from candidates who may not fit the bill. When you work with temp services, you’ll automatically gain access to more experienced and more serious potential hires — and you won’t have to do any of the screening work yourself. Although many small business owners think they can and should handle these tasks themselves, seeking out help from temp services can often be beneficial to everyone.

Whether you’ll be needing additional help this summer for your business or are planning ahead for an employee who will be out on maternity leave, working with temp services can allow you to gain access to superior candidates who can bring something special to your business. To learn more, please contact us today.