2019 Tech Trends That Are Changing the Job Market

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2019 Tech Trends That Are Changing the Job Market

2019 Tech Trends That Are Changing the Job Market

Technology affects certain job markets more and more every year, so it’s no wonder that technological advancements are also affecting the jobs themselves. Technology is evolving so quickly, in fact, that the ways we perform some jobs are changing to accommodate these advancements. From transforming the jobs we’re familiar with to creating new jobs from scratch, these 2019 tech trends are changing what it means to work in the 21st century.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The constant subject of discussion in the past several years, artificial intelligence—or AI—remains a popular trend due to its effects on our work and personal lives. AI technology comprises computer systems built to mimic human thoughts, actions, and recognition. With its ability to perform tasks involving image or speech recognition and its capacity for decision-making, AI has been able to accomplish some jobs more quickly and more accurately than humans can.

Through a subset of AI known as machine learning, machines equipped with artificial intelligence can also gain the ability to learn other tasks that they weren’t initially designed to perform. Machine learning allows the machine to take a new set of data and slowly learn how to process it. Whether it’s ordering something off the Internet or organizing spreadsheets for an upcoming meeting, AI can virtually do it all.

Because of its versatility, AI technology has fostered concerns that it could make some jobs obsolete. While these concerns are possibilities in certain fields, AI also creates as many jobs as it removes. As AI becomes more ingrained in modern society, more jobs will be needed to manage and develop these machines for a variety of uses. Additional jobs are also being created in the programming, testing, support, and maintenance fields.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation is another form of technology that allows us to automate tasks that were previously completed manually. With its ability to interpret applications, process transactions, work with data, and reply to emails, RPA has become the perfect tool to increase companies’ efficiency. Companies have also used this tool to screen potential employees’ social media accounts to eliminate candidates who don’t fulfill the necessary job criteria.

RPA has also generated a variety of career opportunities for developers, project managers, business analysts, solution architects, and consultants. As more jobs become automated, others will replace them to manage the new technology and make sure that projects run smoothly.



Most think of blockchain in relation to cryptocurrencies, but blockchain offers security in a variety of other ways. This technology functions as a set of data that can only be added to, not taken away from, ensuring that data can’t be deleted or stolen from a particular database. Companies that deal with money or store personal information often utilize this extra level of protection. Additionally, blockchain can also protect valuable assets such as fine artwork or real estate.

As the use of this technology increases, the demand for skilled professionals to monitor it does as well. From developers working on the core functions of the technology to project managers, blockchain offers ample opportunities for people to learn and develop new skill sets in a growing market.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

More 2019 tech trends to watch for include virtual reality and augmented reality. This technology is primarily used for gaming devices; however, it’s also a useful tool for a variety of training practices in the U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard. The possibilities don’t stop there: VR and AR are also expected to become extremely useful tools in fields such as education, marketing, and health rehabilitation.

These pieces of technology are similar to AI in that they’re also creating jobs. As VR and AR become more widely used in different fields, those areas will be able to hire people for the overall care and maintenance of the systems themselves which will allow for the invention of new technologies, resulting in the creation of even more jobs in the long run.



Though cybersecurity has been around for a while, it’s constantly evolving, just like these other technologies. As the Internet and all the devices connected to it put increasing amounts of data out into the world, new security threats arise and must be dealt with for the safety of the community. Hackers and those who illegally access data don’t go away—they develop new ways to access data. Because of this, new protection software and higher-tech devices are in constant production to counteract the actions of these criminals.

Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, but many companies find it difficult to fill these positions because people in the tech field often don’t consider “ethical hacking” as a legitimate option. However, opportunities in the field are extremely diverse; jobs include computer network defense analysis and security engineering.


Internet of Things

Defined as the network of devices with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, the “Internet of things” allows gadgets, home appliances, and cars to exchange data across the Internet. With the ability of more new devices to connect to the Internet, we can receive access to new information. By feeding information to the Internet, we can compare our personal data to that of others around the world. For example, by transmitting our heart rate through a Fitbit, we can compare our average heart rate during a workout to those of our friends and neighbors.

This growing network of connectivity has interesting effects on the job market, as well. As the Internet collects and analyzes additional information, businesses can implement better security, efficiency, and decision-making strategies. This technology also has the potential to improve customer service, speed up medical care, and even predict mechanical errors before they occur.


These new forms of technology have the potential to benefit many fields—it’s clear that we’ll need more information technology professionals to monitor these technologies’ functions. Careers in technology are needed now more than ever to keep up with the ways we’ve adopted these tech trends in our daily lives.

The job market is rapidly evolving, but looking for work doesn’t need to be a scary process. New job possibilities become available every day, and with the help of a job placement service, you’ll be on the fast track to the career you want.

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