How to Make Your Temp Job into a Permanent Position

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In the United States, over three million contract and temporary workers are employed by temp services in the typical week. Many of these workers will go from one temp job to the next, looking for a permanent position without success. How can you leave the world of temp services behind and make your temp job into a permanent one? Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Understanding the Temp Job Market

Businesses often turn to temp, staffing, and recruiting agencies when they require short-term help, and when they want to test a potential employee before making a hiring decision. They may take on temps, freelancers, consultants, or contract workers. Some of these positions may become permanent if the worker proves themselves worthy. Jobs through temp services can be ideal for those seeking permanent employment since they give workers an inside view of the company and actual experience in a given position.

Some workers seek temp services due to life changes, the need to cover unexpected expenses, or the desire to try a different field. Many want to land a permanent job with the company they’re temping for.

How to Turn Your Temp Job into a Permanent Position

There’s no guarantee that you’ll be invited to stay, but here are some ways to improve your chances:

  • Prove you’re reliable. Always be on time for shifts and meetings, produce good work, and communicate with coworkers clearly and effectively.
  • Prior to accepting a temp position, learn about the company’s policy regarding taking on temp workers as permanent employees.
  • Have a positive attitude. Act as if you already have a permanent, full-time job with the company by volunteering to arrive early or work late. Be enthusiastic and flexible. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re only a temp employee. You are there for your skills, and you have the chance to prove yourself as an employee.
  • Be interested in the position. People coming from temp services frequently fail to picture the long-term potential and don’t do their best work. If you want to fit into the workplace culture, serve your managers and coworkers so that you become indispensable. Don’t just do the work that’s given to you; be proactive and think about what else your boss might need from you, then offer to go beyond your assigned tasks.
  • Network. Professional contacts can make the difference between remaining a temp and being hired permanently. Make a good impression and stay in touch.
  • Prove your value. Acquire evidence that you’re making an important contribution to the team, like meeting sales goals and developing good connections with managers. This will come in handy at review time. Also, help your coworkers attain their own goals; this is just as crucial in demonstrating that you’re a team player.
  • Learn about the company. Research its history, mission, earnings, and employee culture.
  • Make use of your perspective as a new member of the team. You might see ways to improve work practices while permanent employees are stuck in a rut, doing things the way they’ve always been done. Tell your manager about any ideas you have for new practices. You’ll prove you’re devoted to the team, and you’ll provide practical help that will make it more likely you’ll be hired.
  • Forge relationships. Make contact with people who do the actual hiring for permanent positions, and make sure they know what you’re contributing to the company. Don’t confine yourself to your cubicle. Be visible, introduce yourself to anyone you haven’t met, and make friends with your coworkers, who are most likely to tell others about the great job you’re doing, and who are often the first to know about open positions.
  • Give yourself goals. Think about when you want this job to become permanent, instead of passively waiting to be offered a position. Let others know you’d love to stay on.
  • Fit into the work culture. Take a close look around you and note what is and is not accepted by the company. Follow the dress code and attenuate your behavior to those around you.

Not every temp position will turn into a permanent job, but you can put your efforts into making it happen. For more help, you can contact a temp services agency today to discuss your unique talents, skills, accomplishments, and goals.