Are You Having the Wrong People Interview Your Candidates?

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Few companies realize that finding the right candidates for a job is only half the battle.  The other half is in choosing the right employees to interview them.

Just as having the wrong candidate appear in an interview can be a time-wasting disaster, so can choosing the wrong people to carry out those interviews.  Who should be interviewing your candidates?  Choose interviewers who fall into most or all of these categories:

  1. The interviewer knows how to interview. Conducting interviews is a skill.  It requires an understanding of how interviewing works, a grasp of which questions to ask and why, and an ability to interact meaningfully with a wide range of potential candidates while still finding the information the company is looking for.
    Just as you wouldn’t hire a candidate who had no skills or experience in key job areas, you shouldn’t assign interviews to an employee who has no skills or experience in interviewing.  Instead, pair “new interviewers” with more experienced staff members to train more staff to interview well.
  2. The interviewer knows the job. Not every interview needs to be carried out by a person who has filled the target position before.  But your interviewer should have an understanding of the core job duties and the kinds of skills, abilities, and personalities needed to carry them out successfully.  Consider having interviewers shadow the position for a day or two before they interview new candidates for that position.  The “day in the life” experience will be invaluable in helping the interviewer identify strong candidates.
  3. The interviewer knows the company. The best candidates rarely treat interviews as a one-way street.  Instead, they come prepared with questions of their own.  What is a day on the job really like?  How does the company define “success” in this position?  What are my opportunities for advancement, and how will I know I’m on the right track?
    A candidate who asks these questions is motivated, engaged, and thinking about his or her own career within the context of the company’s overall success – in short, they’re a promising find.  But these candidates will be far less likely to say “yes” to a job offer if they don’t get the answers they need from your interviewer.  Make sure the interviewer knows the company well and can provide these answers.

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