Is a College Degree Necessary for Success?

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Is a College Degree Necessary for Success?

Is a College Degree Necessary for Success?

Many of us wonder whether we need a college degree to find a well-paying job. The answer to this is a bit complicated since it depends on your experience and line of work. We’ll get into whether college helps a professional portfolio, plus other tips to ensure success.

How a Degree Helps

Do college degrees help you succeed? The answer is more complex than you might expect. While a college degree often enables you to land a job compared to those with no degree, experience also pushes you forward. What does this mean? If you have a degree but no experience, employers place you above applicants without a degree. However, you could get the job over a recent college graduate even if you have years of experience but no degree.

Line of Work Matters

Some fields require a degree, while others don’t. A prominent example of a career in which you need a college education is a surgeon. No patient wants someone with insufficient education operating on them. However, real estate jobs don’t require any college, though you need a real estate license. So long as you have charisma and understand the housing market, you can thrive as a real estate agent.

The Final Verdict

Ultimately, a college degree isn’t necessary for success, but it certainly helps. Some places of work don’t require any higher education, but you should still attend school if you’re college-age. Sometimes, an associate degree pushes you above other applicants. This is even the case in careers like real estate or flight attendance.

In addition to learning specific subjects, a college experience provides you with life skills. For example, working on projects for several classes requires time management and organization. Likewise, you have to collaborate with classmates and professors to complete your work. These are all hard-skills employers search for on resumes and ask about during interviews.

Bonus Info: Getting the Degree and Experience

Finding a job after graduating college can feel frustrating. You just spent four years studying your major and probably don’t have much experience working in the industry you want to pursue. One great way to expand your industry knowledge is through internships.

Work with your college career center or utilize job-seeking websites to find internships for college students. They give you hands-on experience in your field of interest, and you can add the position to your resume. With a great education and experienced background, you’ll shine amongst the other applicants.

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