Is Your Onboarding Program Hurting or Helping Your Retention Rates?

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Making a transition to a new job is stressful for a new employee. As an employer, your goal should be to make this as easy as possible. That’s why onboarding programs are so helpful both to new employees and also ultimately to your company. A great onboarding program makes training more efficient, and hence less expensive. Also, a new employee who feels welcomed is more comfortable and happy, and less likely to leave their job in the future, lowering your turnover rate. So what makes a great onboarding program? Here are some suggestions:

Start with the basics.

Don’t assign a new employee an empty desk. Make sure there’s a computer hooked up and ready to go, put basic supplies like pens and paper in the drawers, and if possible, have their business cards personalized and ready to hand out. Get all of the human resources paperwork out of the way first so that it’s done and no one has to worry about it. Set up direct deposit so the employee can get their first paycheck as soon as possible.

Show them the ropes.

Familiarize your new employees with the office. Show them where the bathrooms are, show them the break room, and let them know where they can park. Introduce them to your current employees and make sure they know what everyone does so that they know who to ask for help if the need arises. This will mean you’ll field fewer questions as they get adjusted. (But make sure they also know that they can come to you with questions!)

Explain what’s expected of them.

Present a list of duties that your new employee will be expected to execute. Be honest and upfront about what the job entails—don’t add tons of tasks later. (If it’s the kind of position where that’s necessary, try to estimate the general workload that they’ll be facing.) Also explain the goals your company is currently working towards, and what strategies they’re using to achieve them. Don’t forget smaller details like dress codes or late policies.

Check in to see how they’re doing.

Set aside time specifically to check in on your new hires. Check in at the end of their first day, the end of their first week, and the end of their first month to make sure that everything is still running smoothly. Taking an interest in your new employees’ work experience makes them feel appreciated and happy. It keeps your office workflow from developing any problems as well.

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